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Amazon Donations Touch Hundreds of Lives at Ministerio Jesus Rey de Reyes

Giving Children Hope & Ministerio Jesus Rey de Reyes


Giving Children Hope is a non-profit that provides resources to frontline partners to help vulnerable children and families. They provide sustainable hope as a faith-based partner through wellness programs and disaster relief in conjunction with local communities.

Ministerio Jesus Rey de Reyes, one of their frontline partners, was able to meet many needs thanks to its collaboration with local churches and the creation of a package including a variety of Amazon and FBA donations program products. During this unprecedented time, essentials such as ear cleaners, face masks, can openers, blood pressure machines, and toys have provided joy and comfort to many.

A member of Ministerio Jesus Rey de Reyes expressed her amazement that the donations from Amazon and the FBA donations program boxes contained donated items that will benefit her children. She is currently on a tight budget, so there is no better time than now to receive the critically needed items. She said, “It was meant to be,” because these products were just what she needed at a time of strife.

Another member, who was laid off as a result of the pandemic, was given donated goods for his children and household. In these difficult times, the boxes provided him with hope. He later reported to Rey de Reyes that “things are looking up” and that he appreciates the help, especially being able to give his children the new toys in the box and his wife clothing.

Thank you Amazon and the FBA donations program for providing families boxes of essentials during this tumultuous time.

Shari Rudolph

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