Good360 | AEP Disaster Relief Fund Donates More Than $100,000 to West Virginia Flood Relief Efforts

AEP Disaster Relief Fund Donates More Than $100,000 to West Virginia Flood Relief Efforts


Last October, following the recent West Virginia flooding that devastated a number of small towns and communities, leaders with the Appalachian Power company passed along a donation of $102,178 to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army to be used to bring relief to those flood-afflicted communities. The donation included over $50,000 in personal contributions from Appalachian Power employees from throughout the company’s 11-state service area. The AEP (American Electric Power) Foundation—AEP is the parent company of Appalachian Power—also made a matching donation of $50,000 as well. These donations highlight that major companies—such as AEP—recognize the importance of giving back when their customers and supporters are directly impacted by natural disasters.

AEP and its Foundation have matched more than $500,000 in employee donations, donating a total of $1,136,000 in total relief funds. AEP recognized that—following the West Virginia flooding—many of its customers were in dire need of support. That’s why AEP offered flood relief as soon as the flooding began. For example, the company donated $25,000 to disaster relief only days after the first few communities were hit, and AEP also initiated a volunteer effort (staffed by 175 employees) to distribute 1,500 meals to flood victims and other relief workers. AEP also waived security deposits and service fees for customers impacted by the flooding, and the company donated ground rods, ground wires and service entrance cable to local IBEW workers who were involved in general West Virginia flood relief efforts.

In short, AEP went above and beyond with its West Virginia flood relief efforts: by donating funds and resources to local charities and flood victims, AEP highlighted to the people of West Virginia that AEP cares about more than just its bottom line—the company recognizes the significance of caring for the people that, ultimately, support the company on a daily basis. Communities that experience floods often rely heavily on outside assistance during the relief and recovery stages. Because some of the needs of the impacted communities are not so obvious to corporations or individuals on the outside looking in, Good360 created DisasterRecovery360 in order to ascertain the exact needs of the community and share those with potential donors. Learn more here.



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