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A Day of Fun at The Primrose Center



Adriana’s Attic aims to help adults and children in Orlando, FL, with clothing, hygiene items, food, and medical supplies. Our community outreach programs are designed to help those in need through a variety of services. Our programs continue to grow with generous support from the community.

Our partnership with Good360 and Party City has been an amazing opportunity. We received hundreds of costumes in the weeks before Halloween that were perfect for our community! There are many children in the Parramore area of Orlando that are low income and were going to have to go without a costume for Halloween. We were able to supply these children with brand new costumes of characters they loved! These children were able to have a real costume for the first time. It was truly a Halloween to remember for them.

We also distributed many costumes at the Primrose Center for Mentally Handicapped Adults. This center provides adults with disabilities a broad range of innovative and effective programs aimed at developing independence, productivity, and participation in community life. We held a dance for the participants where we provided snacks, a photographer, and, of course, Party City costumes for them to dress up in and have some fun. They all felt so special! Dressing up in the costumes gave them such joy and they were able to relive moments from their childhood.  They couldn’t stop thanking us!  One participant, Kathy, asked, “Do I have to take my costume off when the party is over?” We told her, “Nope!” We are so grateful for this donation. Thank you!

Website: www.adrianasatticinc.org

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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