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How To Prepare For Everything

At Good360, we are deeply engaged in the disaster recovery arena, so it is important that our own internal team members have access to the right knowledge and tools in order to be prepared for the unexpected.

We recently invited Aaron Titus, the Executive Director of Crisis Cleanup, to spend a half-day with us, facilitating his workshop, “How to Prepare for Everything”. This was time well-spent and an energizing, empowering exercise for the team. Aaron’s key premise is that instead of preparing for many different kinds of disasters, we should prepare for the disruptions that they cause. In doing so, we can ultimately prepare ourselves for any disaster on the horizon. Aaron’s approach moves the individual away from fear and back into a place of power, helping us realize that we have control over how we respond to both major and minor disruptions in our lives.

Watch the video to hear more from Aaron, Howard Sherman (Good360’s CEO), and a number of our Good360 team members to learn about the impact of the workshop.

(To book your own “How to Prepare for Everything” workshop, email 

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