What’s your

super power?

Ours is partnership.

What’s your

super power?

Ours is partnership.

Local Donation Programs

Good360 has corporate partners all across the country that are looking for nonprofits in their community to donate to.

Retail Donation Partnership Programs

Good360’s Retail Donation Partnership (RDP) program allows us to spread our super powers to others. Your organization could be matched with a local retailer to receive donations which can be used in your community. Some programs offer one-time pickups while others allow you to subscribe for a full year. This is a great way to build a relationship with the donors in your area as well as help your organization in fulfilling the needs of your community. Be sure to visit the local donations section of our online catalog to see which stores are available and find out more information on each of the programs we offer. Click here to check out our RDP Handbook to see program guidelines and best practices on how to better grow your partnership with your matched retail store.

One-time Donation Programs

Many times, our donors will have one-time donations available.  These donations are posted in the Local Donation section of our online catalog.  These donations do not require an ongoing commitment.  In the past, we have been able to offer needed items such as furniture, clothing, and home building supplies.

This seems too good to be true. Is it?

No. Good360 has long-standing relationships in communities across the country with these companies. Together, we harness the power of good locally to make a difference – one community at a time. Learn more here. 

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s what others are saying

  • The products we receive from Pottery Barn through Good360 have a significant impact on our ability to serve children and families. They are a lifeline for families moving into their own apartments after spending time in transitional housing, and help make our emergency shelter a temporary 'home' for frightened and abused children and teenagers.

    Deborah ShoreSasha Bruce Youthwork Center
  • The Alternative Community Resource Program, Inc. (ACRP) would like to thank Good360 for selecting ACRP to partner with Bed Bath & Beyond. Since April 2009 the bi-weekly donations have consisted of bedding items, kitchen supplies, coffee makers, utensils, and various other household items. These donations are given to needy or at risk families in our agency and throughout the community. The donations have also benefited a few families who unfortunately lost their belongings in house fires over the past few months.

    Susan JohnsThe Alternative Community Resource Program (ACRP)

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