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Grainger Donation Helps Rebuild in Orlando





The American Foundation for Disabled Children, Inc. (AFDCI) in Staten Island, NY was founded to encourage and maximize the development, productivity, and social interaction of disabled and disadvantaged children with society at large. After receiving a great donation from Grainger, we were able to put it to use in local projects in the Orlando, FL area. There, the merchandise was used to repair and rebuild structures for the poor and needy. We coordinated with local community leaders to ask where the merchandise would best be used and then it is delivered on site to the locations.

The impact has been extremely positive. The items received, such as nails, screws, lighting equipment, cleaning supplies, and towels were in great demand. These are exactly the type of products that are needed to help complete or restore these areas of poverty. Normally in these areas, individuals can’t even afford to repair a toilet tank so these items were extremely helpful to them.

A specific donation of dry erase boards was perfect for a school that serves underprivileged and physically damaged children. The school was able to provide every classroom with these boards, which are a huge help in teaching the children. We had tremendous community support when we received this donation. Local volunteers such as truckers and installers all pitched in to pick up, assemble, and erect the classroom white boards taking them from an outdated look to modern day style!


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