PRESS RELEASE: CVS Health Foundation and UPS Partner with Good360 to Support Ongoing and Long-Term Disaster Recovery Efforts in Flint, Michigan - Good360

PRESS RELEASE: CVS Health Foundation and UPS Partner with Good360 to Support Ongoing and Long-Term Disaster Recovery Efforts in Flint, Michigan

Good360 addresses both immediate and long-term recovery needs in Flint.

Alexandria, VA, Thursday, February 04, 2016 – Good360 is proud to partner with CVS Health Foundation and UPS to provide ongoing disaster recovery efforts in Flint, Michigan through DisasterRecovery360, its disaster recovery arm that connects on-the-ground nonprofit organizations with corporate donors to ensure that the right goods get to the right people at the right time during all stages of a disaster. See how you can help at

This follows an announcement by Walmart that the retailer, along with a number of key suppliers, will also leverage Good360’s platform to drive support for relief and recovery efforts in Flint.

CVS Health has committed to providing much-needed products for the long-term recovery of the region.  “We’re grateful to Good360 for providing a platform that can efficiently connect CVS Health with nonprofits and individuals that need continued support throughout this difficult time,” said Eileen Howard Boone, SVP of Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy at CVS Health and President of the CVS Health Foundation. “By providing essential hygiene and personal products to area residents, we’re fulfilling our company’s purpose of helping people on their path to better health in Flint.”

UPS has helped fund the DisasterRecovery360 platform and has pledged in-kind support to help transport items identified as priority for the people of Flint. “UPS is proud to support Good360 and the CVS Health Foundation in responding to the Flint water crisis by moving water and other priority items that have been identified on the DisasterRecovery360 portal,” said Eduardo Martinez, president of The UPS Foundation and chief diversity and inclusion officer at UPS. “UPS encourages others who wish to lend their support to go to the DisasterRecovery360 portal to see the needs identified by the community. The UPS Foundation is committed to helping build stronger, safer more resilient communities.  In 2015, UPS provided more than 350 humanitarian relief shipments across 50 countries, contributing a combination of in-kind shipments, technical and expertise sharing as well as funding.”

The contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan has generated attention and support on a national scale, not only from corporate donors, but also from nonprofit organizations and individuals who want to help. Good360 provides the platform to connect all key stakeholders to ensure that donations are applied in the most efficient and impactful manner possible.

The effects of a major disaster such as this are far-reaching and long-lasting, enduring well beyond those first critical weeks that appear on news broadcasts nationwide. Communities impacted by a disaster will have needs for months or even years after the initial impact and those needs can change quickly. Flint is no different.

Good360 has over 30 years of experience connecting nonprofits who do good with corporate partners who want to support those efforts. Good360 is receiving real-time product needs from local nonprofits serving the Flint community and is working with local foundations and other community groups to develop long-term recovery plans. While reliable supplies of clean water, water filters and water testing kits are a critical need in Flint, the community also needs products to facilitate the long-term care and recovery of the region. Good360 ensures that appropriate in-kind gifts are made, distributed, absorbed, or stored, as required throughout all stages of recovery, including years in the future.


To support the ongoing response efforts to supply Flint with clean water, donate via Good360 at to help cover the delivery cost of these much-needed goods to the verified nonprofit partners on the ground. Corporate donors can also join and donate products that are immediately needed as recovery continues. Nonprofits who are in need of products can register for free.

The crisis in Flint did not have to happen, but by working together, we can help ensure a bright future for the entire Flint community.


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