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25,000 U.S. Children Need Your Help to Achieve a Good Beginning

By Di Yu

Did you know that 23 percent of children in the United States live below the poverty line? That’s 16 million kids who do not have basic necessities. One in every two children less than 3 years old live in poverty. Many organizations seek to solve the problem on their own, but there’s no collective effort to distribute goods to local communities across the United States.


How do we tackle this tremendous challenge together? Our corporate partners have already donated the goods for FREE, but Good360 needs your help getting them to the neediest children.

This month, help Good360 reach its goal of serving 25,000 children through the Global Giving Challenge Campaign.

global givingFor every $10 donation, we will distribute $300 of new products to impoverished children in your community. We have thousands of Good360 programs set up in 50 states—and your donation will ensure that kids in your area will receive the books, clothing and products they need.

The Global Giving Challenge is to raise $5000 by at least 40 different donors by September 30. Please donate and help spread the word about this giving campaign. Together we can make $5000 reach 25,000 children in need.


Although Good360 has provided 200 million people in need with more than $7 billion worth of new clothing, toys, books, and more, it is not enough. It takes the collective effort of corporations, nonprofits, and individual philanthropists to help us scale a movement that can not only give kids the chance for a good beginning, but the foundation for a better future.

We want to give $5 million of needed products to children across local areas in the United States, from New Orleans, Albuquerque, and beyond. Reaching this goal means that about 25,000 gifts will be distributed to children in need with the help of your donation to cover logistical costs. Giving a child basic goods helps them keep warm in the winter, continue in school, and access the resources they need to grow into productive adults who contribute to sustainable communities in the long run.


Good360’s mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances who, without us, would struggle to find that hope.​ GOODS FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

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