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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Good360’s return policy?

Good360 does not extend refunds on product donations or retail partnerships. If the product that you received is damaged or missing parts, please document it in writing and photos and submit to us via our online form. After review, we can extend a credit to your nonprofit that can be used on future product donations from Good360.

Why are additional questions being asked as I try to complete my order?

Based on the needs and mission of each donor company’s program, the donors may request more information concerning your organization and the planned use of the products.  The donor company does have the right to restrict their donations to the types of organizations that are focused on specific causes, or simply best fit the overall goals of the corporate program.

Why is our nonprofit restricted from receiving some of the product donations that we see in the catalog?

The bottom line is that restrictions on use vary by product. All product restrictions are noted any time you use our catalog tool to place an order. Some categories of products, like computer software, have limitations on the number of units you can order at one time or within a certain time period. Other products have limits on their geographic distribution. Good360 provides those restrictions so they are clear to all who view the catalog.

Are there any product limitations?

Specific product limitations may apply, and will vary by product type. Some products—notably software—are limited by the quantities any one organization can request at one time and/or annually. Other products have specific geographic limits. Please be sure to review each donation carefully for any eligibility restrictions.

Can product donations from Good360 be sent outside of the United States?

It depends, but as a general rule, no they cannot. We receive a limited amount of product that can be sent internationally. If a donor designates its product donation for an international destination, we will work with organizations that have been approved for international shipping to make the necessary accommodations.

To apply for international distribution, please fill out the International Shipment Application.

In general, assume all product donations cannot be distributed outside of the United States.

What is a gaylord?

A gaylord is a very large box placed on a pallet. Gaylord dimensions are typically 40”(L) x 48”(W) x 45”(H).  If your location does not have a loading dock, a forklift will be required to remove the gaylord from the delivery trailer. Lift gates may be ordered in advance for a nominal fee as a substitute for a forklift. Hand unloading a gaylord is not an option.

What is a pallet?

A pallet is a 40”(L) x 48”(W) cargo platform and requires a forklift or pallet jack to be moved. On average, they have product stacked to a height of 56” and are often shrink-wrapped. If your location does not have a loading dock, a forklift will be required to remove the pallet from the delivery trailer. Lift gates may be ordered in advance for a nominal fee as a substitute for a forklift.

What if I have a retail partner store but want to switch to a closer store that becomes available?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow transfers among store partnerships. Once you have been approved for a partnership with a store, you are committed to that particular location for the duration of the partnership. If you no longer wish to work with a store due to issues with the partnership or donations you will need to report this to Good360 via our online form.

What if I have a problem with my retail store partner?

Please send an email documenting your issues and/or challenges via our online form, referencing the store name and number in the subject line While you are welcome to call into our Member Services line at (703) 836-2121 to discuss your partnership, submitting an online form helps us track issues and provide feedback to the donor in order to improve the program.

What can I do with products I don’t want?

If you receive items that your organization is unable to use, you may be able to share them with another nonprofit serving the ill, needy or youth. To do so, you must obtain written permission from Good360. Good360 will not approve any organization that is not registered or vetted. Remember, you may not sell the items in any manner or auction or raffle them off as prizes. If you receive items that are not usable, try to be creative by repurposing items for other uses. For items that have no use, you will need to dispose of them.

Do I have to take everything the store gives me?

Yes. Your organization must take all items that have been processed by your store for donation. If you receive large amounts of products that are missing parts or are damaged, please contact the Good360 retail partnership team via our form, referencing the store name and number in the subject line.

Will the donations be delivered to me?

No. You will pick up donations from your retail partner. Discuss the volume of available donations with the store manager so you will know what size vehicle to take to the pickup site.

What am I allowed to do with the products?

Product donations can be used to serve the ill, needy, or youth; or to assist in the administration of your charity’s programs. You may NOT sell the donated products in any manner, which includes bartering, auctioning, or in thrift stores. Products may not be shared with another nonprofit unless granted written approval by Good360. Donations cannot be given to volunteers or staff, since items must go directly to those in need. Be sure all employees and clients are aware of all Good360 restrictions and policies.

How many stores can my nonprofit partner with?

Any organization requesting more than three RDP stores will be asked to complete the 5+ Inquiry Form. This form must be reviewed by our Security Director before the request for additional stores will be approved.

Can I sell this product to raise funds for my organization?

No.  The product cannot be sold, traded or bartered or be given as gifts to volunteers or sold in thrift shops.  All product donations MUST be given to the needy, ill and youth that you serve in your community.  Product donations must also be used for the core purpose and/or toward programs supporting your tax exempt designation.

Can I share a membership or products with another nonprofit?

No. Each nonprofit must register separately with Good360 in order to receive the available donations.  You cannot give your donations to another nonprofit.  This is a security measure.

How do nonprofits benefit?

Once you register with Good360, you can access our available product donations.  You can browse the catalog for specific donated items, find a product that you are interested in, and add it to your online donation cart. Your nonprofit organization will need to provide a small administrative fee, which covers the shipping, handling and processing of the item.  You can also partner directly with a local retail store to pick up product donations directly for a full 12-month period. For more information about the Retail Program, click here.

Are there any membership fees?

Registration with Good360 is free of charge.

How do I register?

Nonprofits can join Good360 through our online registration tool. Membership is free, but in order to qualify you must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt recognized public charity.

If you are a school, church, newly developed organization or under a 501(c)(3) group exemption, you may also register using  our online registration tool.

If all requirements are met through the online system, you will receive a confirmation email and have instant access to the online catalog.

If your nonprofit is not approved online, you should contact our Nonprofit Relations team. Once you provide the required documentation to this team, your organization will typically be approved within three business days.

How do I join Good360?

Membership with Good360 is free for all our partners. To begin the registration process, click here or visit https://catalog.good360.org/register.

How do I reset my password?

Return to the login page on the catalog and click on “Forgot Your Password?” to enter your email address.  You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How do I register additional staff to access the online catalog?

  • Have the staff member go to http://www.good360.org/register.
  • Enter his or her email address and create a password.
  • Enter the EIN for the nonprofit.
  • They will now have access to the online catalog.

All additional staff who create an account will be entered as secondary users.  These individuals will be able to order donations from Good360, but they will not be able to edit any information about the nonprofit (such as the shipping address) unless the administrator account of the organization gives them permission.

How do I gain access to the online catalog?

You will need to register your email address and create a password. Click on  “Registration.”

  • You will be asked to enter your email address and create a password; this will be used to sign into our online catalog.
  • Simply enter your nonprofit’s EIN, click the search button and advance through the screens to follow as directed.
  • Once registered, you can go to http://catalog.good360.org to log-in with the email address and password you or your organization registered with.

What types of products does Good360 take?

We accept new, refurbished or “like new” non-perishable products. Some of our top needs include: technology, apparel, office/school supplies and personal care products. We can’t accept anything perishable or any items that are used, damaged or broken.

With our Retail Donation Partnership program, we expand the accepted donations to including display model and slightly imperfect goods as these goods are going directly from a retail location to a nonprofit.

How do you determine the value of the donated goods?

We rely on the donors to provide the fair market value of the products.

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