What is the delivery fee for DisasterRecovery360?

The delivery fee covers the cost of shipping, handling, processing, development and administration for the product donation when those costs are not covered by the company.

Can I create more than one Product Needs List for the disaster I’m assisting with?

A nonprofit is not limited in the number of Product Needs Lists they create at one time. However, we encourage nonprofits to limit the number of Product Needs Lists as it makes it easier to promote and get the necessary funds needed to get the products you need.

I just received a notification that one of the items on my needs list is now available. How do I add it to my Product Needs List?

You will need to go into your DisasterRecovery360 dashboard and create a new Needs List for this product.  At this time, you will be unable to add it to a Needs List that has already been published.

I was able to fulfill some of my needs through another source. How can I delete those items from my Out of Stock Products list?

To delete or update your product needs, you will go into your DisasterRecovery360 dashboard and click on ‘My Needs’ on the left-hand side.  You will then be able to view and update or delete your current needs.

What happens if my organization’s Needs List is not fully funded when it expires?

If your Needs List is not fully funded by the time it expires, the funds raised will be put towards the top ranked products on your Needs List. You will receive an email confirming which products will be shipped.

If an individual donates to my Needs List, do I need to supply them with a donation receipt?

They will receive a tax receipt via email from Good360.

How can I change the notifications I receive?

You are unable to change the notifications you receive on your dashboard. However, you can update your email notifications under My Account on your dashboard.

Do I have to wait for my DisasterRecovery360 Needs List to expire before any of my donations are shipped?

There are cases where some items may be shipped before a Needs List expires.  This is not something we can guarantee and it is based on when the donation is available to be shipped.  You will receive an email notification if one or more of your products are shipped.

Will my organization receive contact information for all individuals that donate to our Needs List?

Unless a contributor has opted for an anonymous donation, you will be able to view the email addresses of all contributors on the Needs List detail page.

What am I allowed to do with the products I receive through DisasterRecovery360?

Product donations can be used to serve the ill, needy, or youth; or to assist in the administration of your charity’s programs. You may NOT sell the donated products in any manner, which includes bartering, auctioning, or in thrift stores. Products may not be shared with another nonprofit unless granted written approval by Good360. Donations cannot be given to volunteers or staff, since items must go directly to those in need. Be sure all employees and clients are aware of all Good360 restrictions and policies.

I have collected some donations to assist in the disaster relief efforts. Can I send them to Good360?

Good360 is unable to accept product donations from individuals, and we follow the “cash is best” model in times of disaster.  If you are interested in donating your collection to a local nonprofit, you can find a nonprofit in need in your community through our Local Product Donation Map.

What is Good360?

Good360 is a nonprofit that connects businesses, individuals and other nonprofit organizations. Good360 creates customized programs for businesses and corporations that allow them to donate products and services and do more social good. Good360 also provides its nonprofit members access to an online product donation catalog, where they can receive donated goods for their programming and community services.

Previously known as Gifts In Kind International, Good360 is the nation’s nonprofit leader and expert in product giving. We partner with many Fortune 500 companies to redistribute unused products to nonprofits around the globe. Since our inception in 1983, we have distributed more than $7 billion worth of products to nonprofits serving a wide variety of causes.

Who does Good360 serve?

We serve a diverse network of charitable organizations that help a wide spectrum of people in need including: at-risk youth, the homeless, older Americans who are struggling or ill, battered women, the illiterate, the unemployed or under-employed, victims of domestic abuse, disaster survivors, and many others.

How do I join Good360?

Membership with Good360 is free for all our partners. To begin the registration process, click here or visit

How do I register?

Nonprofits can join Good360 through our online registration tool. Membership is free, but in order to qualify you must be a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt recognized public charity.

If you are a school, church, newly developed organization or under a 501(c)(3) group exemption, you may also register using  our online registration tool.

If all requirements are met through the online system, you will receive a confirmation email and have instant access to the online catalog.

If your nonprofit is not approved online, you should contact our Nonprofit Relations team. Once you provide the required documentation to this team, your organization will typically be approved within three business days.

Are there any membership fees?

Registration with Good360 is free of charge.

How do nonprofits benefit?

Once you register with Good360, you can access our available product donations.  You can browse the catalog for specific donated items, find a product that you are interested in, and add it to your online donation cart. Your nonprofit organization will need to provide a small administrative fee, which covers the shipping, handling and processing of the item.  You can also partner directly with a local retail store to pick up product donations directly for a full 12-month period. For more information about the Retail Program, click here.


It is an American automotive parts distribution network that is currently owned and operated by Advance Auto Parts.

Can I share a membership or products with another nonprofit?

No. Each nonprofit must register separately with Good360 in order to receive the available donations.  You cannot give your donations to another nonprofit.  This is a security measure.

What could I expect to receive in CARQUEST donation?

Car parts, replacement parts, maintenance parts and fluids, tools, and car accessories.

Can I sell this product to raise funds for my organization?

No.  The product cannot be sold, traded or bartered or be given as gifts to volunteers or sold in thrift shops.  All product donations MUST be given to the needy, ill and youth that you serve in your community.  Product donations must also be used for the core purpose and/or toward programs supporting your tax exempt designation.

Can the donation be scrapped for parts?

Yes, but only after your organization has attempted to distribute or use the product for at least 30 days.

How do I gain access to the online catalog?

You will need to register your email address and create a password. Click on  “Registration.”

  • You will be asked to enter your email address and create a password; this will be used to sign into our online catalog.
  • Simply enter your nonprofit’s EIN, click the search button and advance through the screens to follow as directed.
  • Once registered, you can go to to log-in with the email address and password you or your organization registered with.
How will donations be given?

Donations will be in pallets, and will need to be picked up at their distribution centers or stores.

How do I register additional staff to access the online catalog?
  • Have the staff member go to
  • Enter his or her email address and create a password.
  • Enter the EIN for the nonprofit.
  • They will now have access to the online catalog.

All additional staff who create an account will be entered as secondary users.  These individuals will be able to order donations from Good360, but they will not be able to edit any information about the nonprofit (such as the shipping address) unless the administrator account of the organization gives them permission.

Are the products new or used?

All product will be new; All product is excess inventory.

How do I reset my password?

Return to the login page on the catalog and click on “Forgot Your Password?” to enter your email address.  You will be sent an email with instructions on how to reset your password.

How large is a typical CARQUEST donation?

On the low end, a single donation pickup could have as little of 4 pallets of product.  On the high end, a single donation could have 26 pallets of product.

What does “spending limit” mean?

An organization’s spending limit is the maximum amount your organization will be allowed to spend on administrative fees for requested products per membership year. Spending limits are based on the most recent historical gross revenue reported in GuideStar or by the nonprofit and are set from $200 up to $10,000 per membership year.

If my organization agrees to take product, how soon must I pick it up?

We ask that donation be picked up within 5 business days.

How can I increase my nonprofit’s annual spending limit?

To increase your spending limit, you will need to provide Good360 with one of the following documents:

  • The most current revenue statement (profit and loss statement), as well as a current balance sheet. These internal financials must be accompanied by a cover letter on your organization’s letterhead and signed by an authorized member of the staff stating that these financial statements represent, to the best of your knowledge, the financial position of your organization for period stated.


  • Audited financials

The above documents can be faxed to 877-798-3192. Be sure to include your organization’s name and registration number.

Are there donation restrictions?

Yes, all product must be black labeled or have the barcode removed prior to the product being distributed amongst recipients.

How do I properly black label product?

A black, vertical line must be drawn on the barcode of each unit received.  A vertical line prevents a retail scanner from reading the barcode at the store.  Below is an example.



What is a Community Redistribution Partner?

Community Redistribution Partners (CRPs) are qualified and approved nonprofits that operate warehouses and have committed to redistribute Good360 products in their service area. They accept large amounts of donated products and break them down for distribution to smaller nonprofit organizations in their community. They have the ability to grant a special membership status to all of the qualified nonprofit members in their network, and are allowed to request reasonable administrative fees from their member organizations for actual products received.

Where do your product donations come from?

Corporate and business donors provide a wide range of items, including technology, education, health, personal care, apparel, footwear, home improvement, small appliances, automotive, toys, sporting and entertainment and office products.  The donations often come from returns, overstock, clearance and end-of-season merchandise.

How do I receive confirmation that my organization has been approved to pick up the donation?

A confirmation email will be sent by which will include the contact information from the Distribution Center.

Why is there a charge for the products?

Good360 charges a small administrative fee for each product donation requested in our catalog to cover the cost of shipping, handling, processing, development and administration.

On average, over the course of the year, administrative fees amount to less than 1 percent of the value of all contributions.  Payment of the fee must accompany your donation request. Your order cannot be processed without this payment.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email?

Email the Good360, and include your donation request.

How soon will I receive my products?

In most cases, you should receive the product approximately 10 to 14 business days after we receive and approve the request. Small packages are generally shipped via UPS.

Orders that consist of pallets and/or gaylords ship by a less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier and are generally transported on a 53’ tractor trailer.  Standard shipping (included in the admin fee) for LTL shipments does not include lift gate or inside delivery. Orders that contain a large number of cartons (typically 10 or more) may also ship less-than-truckload (LTL).

Upon arrival of your LTL shipment, the driver is responsible for moving the freight to the end of the truck for delivery.  In preparation for your delivery, consider the following:

  • Is there a loading dock on site?
  • Is the dock accessible by a 53’ tractor trailer?
  • Is there a forklift or pallet jack available to remove the palletized product from the trailer?
  • If no loading dock is available:
  • Is there a forklift available to unload the palletized product from the trailer? OR
  • Will there be labor ready to unload the truck? This requires enough staff and/or volunteers to be able to hand unload the pallet(s) very quickly.

Trucks with lift gates can be arranged in advance.  The additional fee is $72, but the fee may increase if inside delivery is also needed.

Organizations that request a donation by the truckload (18 or more pallets) will have scheduled delivery appointments.  Make sure to review the LTL questions above, as they relate to your delivery location.

For any order, address delivery changes must be approved in advance. Submit requests via our online form.

How soon can I contact the Distribution Center?

Once the email is sent, you may contact the Distribution center manager to finalize a date and time for pickup.

How do you determine the value of the donated goods?

We rely on the donors to provide the fair market value of the products.

What if I have a problem with my contact at the distribution center?

Please send an email documenting your issues and/or challenges to

What is a pallet?

A pallet is a 40”(L) x 48”(W) cargo platform and requires a forklift or pallet jack to be moved. On average, they have product stacked to a height of 56” and are often shrink-wrapped. If your location does not have a loading dock, a forklift will be required to remove the pallet from the delivery trailer. Lift gates may be ordered in advance for a nominal fee as a substitute for a forklift.

What is a gaylord?

A gaylord is a very large box placed on a pallet. Gaylord dimensions are typically 40”(L) x 48”(W) x 45”(H).  If your location does not have a loading dock, a forklift will be required to remove the gaylord from the delivery trailer. Lift gates may be ordered in advance for a nominal fee as a substitute for a forklift. Hand unloading a gaylord is not an option.

Can product donations from Good360 be sent outside of the United States?

It depends, but as a general rule, no they cannot. We receive a limited amount of product that can be sent internationally. If a donor designates its product donation for an international destination, we will work with organizations that have been approved for international shipping to make the necessary accommodations.

To apply for international distribution, please fill out the International Shipment Application.

In general, assume all product donations cannot be distributed outside of the United States.

Are there any product limitations?

Specific product limitations may apply, and will vary by product type. Some products—notably software—are limited by the quantities any one organization can request at one time and/or annually. Other products have specific geographic limits. Please be sure to review each donation carefully for any eligibility restrictions.

How do I use credit through Good360?

If your organization has received a Good360 credit, it will be visible at the online donation catalog checkout.  The credit will be used first, and then your organization will need to pay any remaining balance with a credit card.

Credits issued by Good360 must be used by your organization within 12 months from date of credit issued. Please note: credits are not redeemable for cash and/or refund.

Why is our nonprofit restricted from receiving some of the product donations that we see in the catalog?

The bottom line is that restrictions on use vary by product. All product restrictions are noted any time you use our catalog tool to place an order. Some categories of products, like computer software, have limitations on the number of units you can order at one time or within a certain time period. Other products have limits on their geographic distribution. Good360 provides those restrictions so they are clear to all who view the catalog.

Why are additional questions being asked as I try to complete my order?

Based on the needs and mission of each donor company’s program, the donors may request more information concerning your organization and the planned use of the products.  The donor company does have the right to restrict their donations to the types of organizations that are focused on specific causes, or simply best fit the overall goals of the corporate program.

What is Good360’s return policy?

Good360 does not extend refunds on product donations or retail partnerships. If the product that you received is damaged or missing parts, please document it in writing and photos and submit to us via our online form. After review, we can extend a credit to your nonprofit that can be used on future product donations from Good360.

How do I return an item shipped by Good360?

Good360 does not request that any donations be returned. They may either be distributed to another organization with written permission or may be discarded. If an organization wants to donate Good360 products to another nonprofit, the recipient organization must register with Good360. The participating organization can be vetted as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and would need to agree to our product terms of use. The product donations should be redistributed without a fee. Redistribution of products to other organizations should be a one-time occurrence where otherwise useful products would be thrown away because they do not serve the nonprofit’s mission or client base.

What does “annual partnership” mean?

An annual partnership is offered for stores participating in the Retail Program. If you request an annual partnership with a store, you will be the exclusive charity for a 12-month period. During that time, the store will contact you on a periodic basis to pick up donations they have available. The donations will be made up of a variety of items such as returns, overstock, clearance or end-of-season merchandise. The yearly retail program partnership fee ranges from free to $600 annually depending on the retailer from whom you are receiving donations. You can access a list of available stores in your area through our online catalog at

How often will I receive a donation from my partner store?

The quantity and frequency of donations will vary based on store brand, location, and season. More information on each of our retail partners can be found in our online Welcome Kit.

What products will I receive?

You could receive any product that the store sells. Typically they are display, returned, out-of-stock or slightly damaged items that are not new.

How soon can I begin receiving donations?

You will receive donations usually within six to eight weeks after signing up with the store, and sometimes sooner. The timing varies based on how quickly the corporate offices notify their stores of the new partnerships. Typically there is a transition period, especially in the event that the store was recently partnered with another organization.

How can I get matched with a partner through the retail program?

Available retail partnerships can be viewed through the mapping tool. Simply put in your zip code to find local retail stores who are looking for partners. If wish to partner, click on an available retailer to request the partnership.

What are the costs to partner with an available retail store partner?

The yearly retail program partnership fee ranges from free to $600 annually depending on the retailer from whom you are receiving donations. When you find an available store in your area, the annual partnership fee and the location will be listed on our catalog.

How many stores can my nonprofit partner with?

Any organization requesting more than three RDP stores will be asked to complete the 3+ Inquiry Form. This form must be reviewed by our Security Director before the request for additional stores will be approved.

What am I allowed to do with the products?

Product donations can be used to serve the ill, needy, or youth; or to assist in the administration of your charity’s programs. You may NOT sell the donated products in any manner, which includes bartering, auctioning, or in thrift stores. Products may not be shared with another nonprofit unless granted written approval by Good360. Donations cannot be given to volunteers or staff, since items must go directly to those in need. Be sure all employees and clients are aware of all Good360 restrictions and policies.

Will the donations be delivered to me?

No. You will pick up donations from your retail partner. Discuss the volume of available donations with the store manager so you will know what size vehicle to take to the pickup site.

Do I have to take everything the store gives me?

Yes. Your organization must take all items that have been processed by your store for donation. If you receive large amounts of products that are missing parts or are damaged, please contact the Good360 retail partnership team via our form, referencing the store name and number in the subject line.

What can I do with products I don’t want?

If you receive items that your organization is unable to use, you may be able to share them with another nonprofit serving the ill, needy or youth. To do so, you must obtain written permission from Good360. Good360 will not approve any organization that is not registered or vetted. Remember, you may not sell the items in any manner or auction or raffle them off as prizes. If you receive items that are not usable, try to be creative—like turning a broken mirror into a mosaic. For items that have no use, you will need to dispose of them.

What if I have a problem with my retail store partner?

Please send an email documenting your issues and/or challenges via our online form, referencing the store name and number in the subject line.

What types of products does Good360 take?

We accept new, refurbished or “like new” non-perishable products. Some of our top needs include: technology, apparel, office/school supplies and personal care products. We can’t accept anything perishable or any items that are used, damaged or broken.

With our Retail Donation Partnership program, we expand the accepted donations to including display model and slightly imperfect goods as these goods are going directly from a retail location to a nonprofit.

Can companies run different programs simultaneously (for example, a program from the store level and from our distribution center)?

Yes – a company may run as many simultaneous programs as it wants. For more information on crafting a corporate philanthropy program, contact a Philanthropy Engineer today.

How does Good360 vet its nonprofit network to protect the brands of its corporate donors?

Good360 thoroughly vets every nonprofit in our network to ensure it is:

  • A verified 501(c)(3) organization or school,
  • Financially stable and in good standing with the IRS and
  • Not in conflict with Good360 or corporate partners ’missions.

Additionally, we have a Compliance Team that monitors our nonprofit network and enforces any violations of the Product Use Guidelines. You can read more about our vetting practices here.

Does Good360 distribute to international nonprofits, or just U.S.-based nonprofits?

Good360 has the ability to distribute donated goods to U.S.-based nonprofits working domestically and abroad. Should you want to donate to an international non-U.S.-based nonprofit, please contact a Philanthropy Engineer.

What kind of reporting does Good360 provide?

Good360’s online portal, GivingPlace360, allows donors to access all data and reporting derived from their program(s) in real time. Additionally, nonprofits publish impact stories that detail the impact of the donations they receive.

Do companies donate excess inventory or returned inventory?

Both types of donations are accepted.  If the donor is unable to take steps to assure the quality of the donation, then we will more than likely ship to one of our Community Redistribution Partners, who will determine the quality of the donation; if acceptable, they will distribute the products to the local nonprofits they serve.

Can companies provide cash grants?
What is a Wishlist?

A Wishlist is crowd funding for products on the Good360 donation catalog. Wishlists give our nonprofit members the ability to create a visual campaign that showcases and shares online the Good360 products they want to receive for programming and gives them the ability to ask their supporters for help in funding the administrative costs associated with those products.

There are two types of Wishlists, basic and reserved.

Basic Wishlist

A Basic Wishlist can be active for up to 30 days and uses the contributions of individual supporters to fund it. Products on a Basic Wishlist are not reserved and are available on a first come, first served basis and are subject to availability.

Reserved Wishlist

A Reserved Wishlist requires the nonprofit to provide a credit card and can be active for up to 14 days. Products on a Reserved Wishlist will be held for the nonprofit, and any remaining balance not funded after the 14-day period will be charged to the nonprofit.

How do I create a Wishlist?
  1. From your dashboard, click the ‘My Wishlists’ tab and then ‘Create a New Wishlist’. You can also click ‘Wishlist’ on any catalog product description page and select ‘Create a New Wishlist.’
  2. Fill out all of the fields in the form (fields with “*” are required). You can save your Wishlist at any time and come back at a later date.

NOTE: Be sure that all the products you would like to have on your Wishlist are added before publishing. Once you click ‘Publish’, you will only be able to edit certain fields and will not be able to add or delete products.

How do I let my supporters know?

A Wishlist can be shared on a website or blog by clicking on the ‘Share This Wishlist’ button of the Wishlist detail page.  This will give you an embed link, so that you can add the widget to your website or blog.

You can also send your Wishlist to your supporters by email at the bottom of the ‘Create Wishlist’ page.

What happens if I don’t get enough funding for my Wishlist before time has expired?

If you created a Basic Wishlist, then no products will be shipped to you. All funds that were raised will be added as a credit to your Good360 account and can be used toward any future donation requests on our catalog. These funds are not cash-redeemable and can only be used toward Good360 administrative fees.

If you created a Reserved Wishlist, then the remaining funds will be charged to your credit card and your products will be shipped to you.

Do I have to wait for the whole Wishlist to be funded before any of my products get shipped?

Yes. You will have between 1-30 days (depending on the duration you have selected) to fully fund your Wishlist before items can be shipped.

How long will it take me to get my products once the Wishlist is fully funded?

Once your Wishlist is fully funded, it will be reviewed by a member of our Nonprofit Relations team.  Once approved, you will receive an email with estimated shipping.

Is there a limit to how many Wishlists I can have?

An organization can have up to 10 active Wishlists at a time.

What is DisasterRecovery360?

DisasterRecover360 – created and managed by Good360—is an online platform and program that is changing the face of disaster response and recovery by ensuring that critically needed goods get to the right people at the right place at the right time.

What products can I add onto my Wishlist?

The only products available for a Wishlist are products that Good360 currently has in its online catalog, excluding the Retail Donation Partnership Program.

What is a DisasterRecovery360 Product Needs List?

Product Needs Lists allow nonprofits the ability to create a visual campaign that shows potential supporters the products they need to help in their disaster relief and recovery efforts.  Individuals can support Needs Lists with cash donations that cover the delivery fees of the products.

How can I request products that are not on the online catalog?

You can always add your Product Needs onto your dashboard under the My Account tab.  Good360 uses this information to approach donor companies for additional product donations.

How will our DisasterRecovery360 Needs List get funded?

Needs Lists are crowdfunding tools to help cover the delivery fees of Good360 product donations.  Needs Lists can be funded in three ways, either through direct cash donations to the Needs List, through the DisasterRecovery360 product registry, or through Good360’s Recovery Fund.

What is an Impact Story?

An impact story is a tool that lets you add photos, videos and testimonials to share the work that your organization does with the products obtained through Good360.

Is my organization guaranteed all items on my Needs List?

We can only guarantee the products that receive funding before the Needs List expires.  It is important to properly rank the products on your Needs List in the order of most needed.

How do I create an impact story?

You can find the link to create an impact story in your transaction history on your dashboard. Fill out all the fields in the form (fields with an “*” are required) and publish. All impact stories will be reviewed by Good360 staff and will not appear on the site until they are approved.

How are my Out of Stock Products fulfilled?

When a nonprofit identifies their needs on the DisasterRecovery360 tool, Good360 separates the list into products we have in stock and products that are currently out of stock.  Out of Stock products are aggregated with those of other nonprofits assisting in the disaster.  Good360 makes requests to our corporate partners to fulfill those needs, and when a company donates one of the products you requested, you will receive a notification that it is now available to add to a Product Needs List for crowdfunding.

How can I share it?

An impact story can be shared on a website or blog by clicking on ‘Share This Story’ on the impact story detail page.  This will give you an embed link, so that you can add the impact story widget to your website or blog.

Is my organization guaranteed to receive items on my Out of Stock Products List?

We are unable to guarantee that all product requests will be fulfilled by our company partners.

How do I promote my Product Needs List to potential supporters?

There are many ways that you can promote your Product Needs List:

  • You can email your individual supporters and include a link to your Needs List,
  • You can copy the widget embed code and upload the Needs List widget to your nonprofit’s website or blog, and
  • You can share your Needs List to your nonprofit’s social media pages.
Why does the logistics questionnaire have to be completed before my organization can receive any donations?

Good360 must approve a nonprofit’s logistics questionnaire, and specifically the ship-to address, so we make sure that we are able to get a delivery truck to your location without issue.

How does my organization register for a disaster?

There are three ways to register:

  1. You can register for a disaster through the specific disaster landing page,
  2. Through the DisasterRecovery360 homepage
  3. If you have been involved in previous disaster relief efforts with Good360, you can register through your DisasterRecovery360 dashboard.
The disaster my organization is assisting with is not on the DisasterRecovery360 site. Can we still request product donations?

You can request products through Good360’s GivingPlace360.  You can add Disaster Relief as a Cause your nonprofit supports on your dashboard, and then create a Wishlist for the disaster relief efforts that you are assisting with.

What does it mean to ‘Track” a disaster?

Individuals, Nonprofits, and Companies who are registered with Good360 can ‘Track’ a disaster to receive updates on their dashboards, which include status updates from nonprofits on the ground, current nonprofit product requests, Product Needs Lists, and impact stories.

If I donate to a DisasterRecovery360 registry, will I know which nonprofit(s) receive my donation?

Good360 is unable to track a specific registry donation to a specific nonprofit. However, if you register with Good360, you will receive impact stories from nonprofits that are assisting in the disaster relief efforts.  Register Here.

Is my DisasterRecovery360 donation tax-deductible?

All cash donations made through DisasterRecovery360 are tax-deductible.  You will receive a receipt via email after your donation has been processed.

What is the difference between a DisasterRecovery360 Product Needs List and an Out of Stock List?

A Product Needs List contains products that Good360 currently has available, while your Out of Stock List contains products that Good360 does not currently have available and will request companies to fulfill.

When will items on my Out of Stock List be available? How will I know?

Each time a company donates a product that fulfills one of the items on your Out of Stock List, you will receive a notification on both your DisasterRecovery360 dashboard, and via email.  You will then have the opportunity to add that product to a Product Needs List.

Can I register for more than one disaster?

You can register for all disasters in which you are actively assisting; all disasters can be viewed on the DisasterRecovery360 homepage.  Your organization will complete a logistics questionnaire and a Product Needs List for each disaster.

What is the difference between GivingPlace360 and DisasterRecovery360?

GivingPlace360 is available 24-7-365 to all qualified nonprofits and schools, while DisasterRecovery360 is only open to nonprofits that are helping with a specific disaster, in which Good360 is actively involved.

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