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Donations Give Back to Hurricane Harvey Survivors in Texas

While the statistics for Hurricane Harvey paint a picture of widespread devastation, the impact felt in Dickinson, TX was exceptional in comparison to other affected areas. 90% of the small town just southeast of Houston was inundated. 7,000 homes flooded, leaving at least half of the 20,000 residents without safe shelter following the storm. Many residents experienced flooding so severe that they became trapped in their attics, resorting to cutting holes in the roofs to escape. Harvey’s impact here was exceptional. Only now, a few days short of the one year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey, are many residents ready to replace furniture.

Linda Garcia was one such resident. Her home was already four feet above street level, but that did not help her escape six feet of flood water. Her home was featured on CNN in the days immediately following Harvey – in the special, the only portion that is not underwater is her roof. The long road to recovery for Linda and her neighbors was affected by numerous groups. 8 Days of Hope, the United Way of Galveston County Mainland and High Socks for Hope, a foundation started by David Robertson of the New York Yankees, were all instrumental in restoring the hope Linda and her family lost after the storm.

The United Way and High Socks for Hope are especially active in Dickinson’s recovery. Recognizing this, Good360 reached out to the organizations to see what types of donations could benefit their regional communities the most. Hearing the need for furniture, Good360 reached out to one of its most vital corporate partners, Crate and Barrel.

Crate and Barrel wanted to help Hurricane Harvey victims specifically. But, as an educated company in the practice of purposeful giving, they understood that their best donations would have to wait until homes were mostly repaired. Donating furniture to homes where walls still contain mold or before new insulation and drywall is installed is counterproductive to healthy recovery. However, as the first anniversary of Hurricane Harvey approaches, many homeowners are now prepared to turn their houses back into homes.

Good360 was able to bring Crate and Barrel together with the United Way of Galveston County Mainland and High Socks for Hope to spend a week distributing furniture to Linda and several other residents. The living room and dining room sets provided by Crate and Barrel changed lives and helped restore dignity to families across Dickinson and the surrounding communities.

Organizations like High Socks for Hope and the United Way are doing the daily work necessary to help families recover from disaster. Good360 recognizes the magnification of good that comes from linking nonprofit organizations active in disaster with socially conscious companies like Crate and Barrel, and we were privileged to do so in this case. We look forward to continuing to facilitate the impactful work of the groups striving to rebuild Texas and anticipate more opportunities to work with Crate and Barrel in the future.


Good360’s mission is to transform lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to individuals, families, and communities impacted by disasters or other challenging life circumstances who, without us, would struggle to find that hope.​ GOODS FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

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