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Donation from Target Allows Families to Paint the Walls of Their Newly Repaired Homes

  • Somebody Cares
  • Jasper-Newton Counties, Texas
  • Donations/Donor: Target
  • Lives Impacted: Over 100

As Told to Good360 by Somebody Cares


The aftermath of a major hurricane remains in the news only for a couple of weeks, but it takes years for a full recovery.  This is true of Hurricane Harvey, a Category 4 storm that caused unprecedented rainfall and flooding in Texas in August 2017.  After receiving over 40 inches of rain in a four-day period, families returned to find that many of their homes were badly damaged or completely destroyed.

Although many of the communities have recovered, some continue to struggle and need support to get back into their homes. Thanks to a generous donation of paint from Target, Good360 has been able to work with our non-profit partner, Somebody Cares, to help put the finishing touches on newly repaired homes. The donation of paint from Target also went to a local non-profit, Tejano Center for Community Concerns Inc, and Wharton Recovery Team.

Somebody Cares is dedicated to helping families in Jasper-Newton Counties in Texas return to their homes after a disaster. In Texas, many people were left with nothing after the hurricane, and their homes were severely damaged.  Funding is a big issue in disaster recovery because when people lose their homes, they usually are unable to afford to repair everything that was damaged or replace what was lost. Thanks to the donation of paint from Target, Somebody Cares was able to help families in the last stages of recovery by painting the walls of their newly repaired homes.  Oftentimes, people return to homes that are not fully livable because they cannot afford to finish them, and this paint donation helped change that.  It has taken two years for many of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey to recover, and because new disasters come and more people need help recovering, the people who lost their homes in 2017 feel as if they have been forgotten. The donation of Target paint brought over 100 people closer to full recovery.

Thanks to donors like Target who understand the importance of taking a long-term approach to disaster response, families were able to take one step closer to full recovery. Good360 is committed to working with partners like Target and Somebody Cares to ensure those affected by natural disasters are receiving the right product at the right time of the recovery process.

Shari Rudolph

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