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Dow Doubles Down on Sustainability


Last May, the Dow Chemical Company achieved two notable sustainability accomplishments: the company increased its clean energy target and partnered with two renewable energy companies to achieve that goal, and Dow also joined the Ellen MacArthudow-chemical-company-logor Foundation’s (EMF) Circular Economy 100 (CE100) program. These two achievements highlight Dow’s overall commitment towards corporate sustainability.

Firstly, Dow increased its clean energy target from 400 MW to 750 MW, and in order to hit this new annual target number, Dow partnered with NRG Energy, Inc. and NRG, Yield, Inc., on a large renewable energy project involving the 11,000-acre Goat Mountain I and II wind farm program in San Angelo, Texas. The Goat Mountain wind farms will ultimately provide clean energy to Dow’s production facilities in Freeport, Texas. Secondly, Dow also officially joined the EMF’s CE100 program. This unique and, as Sustainable Brands notes, “pre-competitive innovation” program specializes in encouraging its members to network and collaborate towards collective circular economic ambitions or goals. Dow, for example, hopes to advance the circular economy considerably by 2025, and it plans on increasing its overall recycling, reuse, and remanufacturing efforts at all of its major facilities.

Dr. Neil Hawkins, the company’s vice president and chief sustainability officer, noted that Dow is honored to join the CE100, and the company views the program as “a great opportunity to foster collaborations that can advance circular economy solutions.” He also said concerning Dow’s new energy goals that the company “is proud to be the first company in the United States to power manufacturing sites with renewable energy at this kind of scale and that we’ve become one of the largest corporate purchasers of wind energy in America.” Dow is, of course, committed towards sustainability. The company’s substantial sustainability efforts highlight that corporate America is invested in the circular economy. If you’re interested in learning more about the circular economy and why it matters, click here.




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