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Hurricane Florence

Support is Underway

North Carolina’s governor has called Florence an “epic storm” and has warned that some parts of his state “have not seen the worst flooding yet”.  At the same time, the South Carolina state emergency management division has reminded residents, “It’s not over yet.  Not by a long shot.”

  • Florence’s death toll is now at 37 individuals (as reported by The Weather Channel).
  • Some parts of the Carolinas have seen up to 40 inches of rain since Thursday.  Authorities still say the worst flooding is yet to come as area rivers are forecast to crest later this week.
  • Rivers across the Carolinas continue to swell and threaten neighborhoods with flooding as hundreds of roads have become largely impassable.
  • First responders have rescued and evacuated more than 2,600 people and at least 300 animals from flooded areas, with rescues ongoing.
  • At least 15,000 people are in shelters in North Carolina and 4,000 in South Carolina.
  • Nearly 400,000 are still without power.

Good360 is already pre-positioning and distributing critically needed product in strategic locations in the southeast.  We will be ready with needed goods for all stages of the recovery process and we are prepared to deploy those goods via our trusted nonprofit and response agency partners who are on the ground.

Responding nonprofits in need of product donations to serve disaster survivors should contact Tiffany Everett at

Corporations with product donations to support any stage of recovery should contact Jim Alvey at

Individuals who want to make a cash donation can click here.

Current Needs:

  • Personal Care Items 
  • Hygiene Products 
  • Safety Equipment  
  • Pillows/Sheets/Blankets  
  • Cleaning Supplies  
  • Tyvek Suits
  • Tarps 



Good360’s platform allows you to identify and communicate your product needs as they change over time. We work with corporate donors to source the products you need and we can store product until you’re ready for it.

Email Tiffany Everett at to learn more.


Good360 takes a holistic approach to disaster recovery, starting with the impacted communities’ immediate needs (even during evacuation stage) and committing to being there for the long-term, always focused on delivering the right goods to the right people at the right time.

Email Jim Alvey at to learn more.

The Good360 Disaster Recovery Council

Our aim is to advance collaboration and engagement between the private, public and nonprofit sectors in such a way that we are anticipating the current and the future state of natural disasters in order to collectively build proactive models for response and recovery.
The long-term support of our Good360 Disaster Recovery Council (GDRC) partners is critical to our ongoing work to support disaster-impacted communities. Thank you to the following generous partners: