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Hurricane Dorian

Support is Underway

Good360 is collecting the needs of communities that were in Hurricane Dorian’s path, from the Bahamas to North Carolina, and has already begun sending needed product to help nonprofits support the first phase of recovery. Responding nonprofits in need of product donations to serve disaster survivors should contact Kaitlin FitzGerald at



As news footage shows, the Bahamas have been devastated by Hurricane Dorian, with 50 fatalities reported, 1,300 reported missing, 70,000 people displaced, and 13,000 homes destroyed (including an estimated half of all homes on Abaco and Grand Bahama islands).  The country’s infrastructure has been crippled with both a number of ports and airports severely damaged or destroyed.  Responding agencies are still in rescue and life-saving mode, searching for survivors. At this point, we are only moving goods directly to the Bahamas that meet exact needs and that we can guarantee will be received.  We are in daily communication with a number of partners and have some goods already pre-positioned, and ready to deploy when appropriate.

The situation is dire and evolving quickly – we will let our partners know how you can best help.

How You Can Help the Bahamas NOW: 

Donate cash:  Cash donations are critical because they allow responding organizations like Good360 to provide exactly what support is needed in a timely fashion.  Contact Jim Alvey at or click here.

Make a commitment now to donate the right goods at the right time:  Recovery in the Bahamas will take years and survivors’ needs will be diverse and long-lasting.  Make a commitment with Good360 today to provide specific goods at the time when they are most needed – we will ensure your items have maximum impact.  If you have goods to donate, contact Jim Alvey at

Current Needs:

  • Water
  • Personal Care Items 
  • Portable Chargers
  • Diapers
  • Tarps
  • Pillows/Sheets/Blankets



Good360’s platform allows you to identify and communicate your product needs as they change over time. We work with corporate donors to source the products you need and we can store product until you’re ready for it.

Email Kaitlin FitzGerald at to learn more.


Good360 takes a holistic approach to disaster recovery, starting with the impacted communities’ immediate needs (even during evacuation stage) and committing to being there for the long-term, always focused on delivering the right goods to the right people at the right time.

Email Jim Alvey at to learn more.

The Good360 Disaster Recovery Council

Our aim is to advance collaboration and engagement between the private, public and nonprofit sectors in such a way that we are anticipating the current and the future state of natural disasters in order to collectively build proactive models for response and recovery.
The long-term support of our Good360 Disaster Recovery Council (GDRC) partners is critical to our ongoing work to support disaster-impacted communities. Thank you to the following generous partners:
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