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Good360 is proud to partner with the Rebuild Texas Fund to support the long-term recovery of communities impacted by Hurricane Harvey. See the needs of on-the-ground nonprofits and agencies below to learn how you can help.



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Requested Product

  • Team Rubicon

    2 truckloads Insulation

  • All Hands and Hearts

    100 Mattresses

  • All Hands and Hearts

    40 homes Furniture

  • All Hands and Hearts

    2 truckloads Insulation

  • All Hands and Hearts

    100 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

  • Donors Choose

    -1 Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card

  • SETX Civilian Taskforce

    300/each Shirts
    300/each Shoes
    600/each Water bottles
    400/each Shampoo and Conditioner
    500/packs Index cards
    100/packs lip balm
    30/cases Body lotion
    30/cases Shave cream
    40/cases Protective eyewear
    200/sets Knife and cutting board set

  • Wharton County Recovery Team

    30/each Bathtubs
    87/each Vanities
    87/each Vanity tops
    25/sets Cabinets
    30/each Bathroom mirrors
    43/each Medicine cabinets
    37/each Doors
    17/each Electrical boxes

  • Port Aransas Habitat for Humanity

    30,000/sqft Flooring

  • Christian Tabernacle

    300/each Binders
    300/each Folders
    300/packs Colored Pencils
    300/packs Notecards
    300/each Erasers
    300/each Calculators
    300/each Pens

  • Bloomington ISD

    50/each Nike travel bags

  • Attack Poverty

    30/single Pre-hung doors

  • All Christian Fellowship

    50 / sets Cabinets

  • All Christian Fellowship

    13,000 / sqft Insulation

  • Attack Poverty

    20,000 / sqft Shingles

  • Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity

    15 / each Bathtub
    6 / each Vanities
    6 / each Vanity tops
    15 / sets Cabinets
    13 / each Bathroom mirrors
    7 / each Doors
    7 / each Electrical boxes

  • The Salvation Army

    20 / each Bathtub
    23 / each Vanities
    23 / each Vanity tops
    7 / sets Cabinets
    52 / each Bathroom mirrors
    30 / each Doors
    14 / each Electrical boxes

  • Goodness Outreach Depot

    25 / each Bathtubs
    50 / each Vanity Mirrors
    4 / gaylord Plumbing
    10 / each Electrical boxes

  • Attack Poverty

    25 / each Interior doors
    5 / each Vanities

  • Sewa USA

    25 / pallets Shingles

  • Wharton County Recovery Team

    1/pallet Batteries
    4 / pallets Coffee pots
    1 / pallet Shirts
    1 / pallet Cutlery
    4 / pallets Diapers
    2 / pallets Hygiene Equipment

  • iConnect Outreach

    15/cartons Batteries
    1/carton Plumbing supplies
    1/pallet Sinks
    4/pallets Bar stools

Distributed Product

  • National nonprofit groups and early response agencies often get media coverage following a disaster as they head into the impacted area and set to work on life-saving and life-preserving activities.

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  • When Harvey’s waters rose, the lights went out. And long after the waters receded, many survivors remained in the dark. Flood waters leave homeowners with many issues, most of which are still with the owner long after the media attention fades.

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  • It is difficult to neatly categorize all the ways in which a hurricane can cause destruction. Even in events like Hurricane Harvey, defined for some by the 27 trillion gallons of rain that flooded homes across the coastal communities of Texas, flood

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  • It has been almost a year since Hurricane Harvey drenched southeast Texas with over 20 trillion gallons of rain. While many communities and media outlets are preparing to commemorate the storm with events in late August, many individuals are still de

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  • When a massive natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey hits, those in its path are left with three impossible options and no way to know which is best. They can shelter in place and hope the worst does not come to pass; travel to a local shelter and l

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  • Rosharon is a small community about 50 miles south of Houston. An immigrant community comprised mostly of Laotian, Cambodian and Mexican families, most households earn a living through selling fruits and vegetables grown on their property.

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  • Many of the impacts from Hurricane Harvey were reflected in terms of statistics. The $125 billion in damage caused by the storm and the 200,000 lives impacted tell the story of a devastating hurricane, but don’t convey the story of individuals affect

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  • One of the first organizations to respond to the $125 billion worth of devastation from Hurricane Harvey was Team Rubicon. Within days, Team Rubicon was on the ground in southeast Texas, helping rescues alongside other disaster response organizations

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  • The families who fall through the cracks are among the most devastating aspects in any disaster. When Hurricane Harvey brought $125 billion worth of damage to southeast Texas, it brought national and international attention.

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  • Hurricane Harvey made landfall in southeast Texas in August of 2017. After four days and two landfalls, the category 4 Hurricane left $125 billion in damage to the second most populous state in the United States.

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  • When Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas, one of the hardest hit areas was Port Aransas. This fishing and tourism-based town felt the full force of Harvey’s first landfall, as the category 4 hurricane ripped through the small coastal community.

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  • Although Hurricane Harvey impacted southeast Texas on August 25th, the community of Katy, TX didn’t feel its effects until three days after the storm made landfall.

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  • On August 25th, 2017, Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the United States. The storm left many Houston-area communities with 4-8 feet of water, destroying the possessions of single- or multiple-family dwellings.

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If you are a nonprofit seeking good to support Hurricane Harvey recovery efforts, please contact our Regional Manager, Cacique Rich-Martinez

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