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In late August of 2022, The Pearl River and Ross R. Barnett Reservoir in Mississippi flooded after severe storms swept through the area. The flooding impacted the Jackson community, causing flash floods and infrastructure damages including the city’s water treatment facilities.

The storms caused the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment facility to suffer. The high levels of water contamination from the flooding led to slowed filtration rates. Because the facility was already working with backup pump systems, it was overwhelmed and completely failed. The Fewell backup facility also failed, leaving Jackson residents without any system in place for water treatment.

As time has progressed, the water pressure has returned but proper filtration systems are still not in place. This continues to disrupt the day-to-day use of appliances and eliminates access to potable water within the home. Anything from showering to washing the dishes is a safety hazard given the high contamination levels of the water. Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves and President Joe Biden have both declared a state of emergency for this event.

How Good360 Is Helping

Good360 is committed to distributing the right goods to the right people at the right time. We are working in close coordination with disaster-focused nonprofit networks & governmental partners to ground truth the most pressing product need gaps and ensure that we are contributing to a holistic recovery effort.


What Can You Do To Help?


Cash donations are critical because they allow responding organizations like Good360 to provide the right support needed in a timely fashion.


Recovery could take years. Make a commitment now to donate critically needed goods to maximize recovery efforts. See the current list of needs below. 


If you are a nonprofit organization responding to this disaster, please click the button below to send us an email so we can determine how to best respond to your needs.

Current Needs

Please click the button below to see the most updated list of current needs.


We ensure that the right goods are delivered to the right people at the right time – throughout all stages of disaster recovery.

We’ll be there in the early days with personal care items, supplies for shelters, and cleaning/mucking out products and we’ll be there long after the media spotlight has dimmed months and years later with furniture, mattresses, home goods and other necessities to help impacted communities through the recovery journey.

Our mission is to provide critically needed goods throughout all stages of a disaster. This means we’ll continue to provide support long after media interest fades.

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