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We Are Still Here And Our Mission Remains The Same:
Goods for the Greater Good

For more than 35 years, Good360 has been the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, and our focus on delivering the right donated goods to the right people at the right time has never been more relevant than it is today.

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world with four million cases worldwide and over 1,400,000 here in the United States; Good360 remains committed to improving the lives of those impacted through in-kind donations and moving needed products through our network of over 92,000 nonprofits nationwide.

Join us in helping rebuild the resilience of communities around the US and internationally.

Good360’s Response

Donating lifesaving hygiene products (including soap, anti-bacterial wipes and shampoo) to the most vulnerable

Sourcing and shipping personal protective equipment to essential workers domestically and overseas

Providing essential items (including clothing, baby products, furniture) to those that are facing economic hardship

Distributing educational materials, toys, books and games to children and families in quarantine

What Can You Do To Help?


If your organization is in need of products for COVID-19 response and prevention, please complete this brief form so we can determine how to best respond to your needs.


COVID-19 recovery could take years. Make a commitment now to donate critically needed goods to maximize recovery efforts. Email Jim Alvey at or click below.


Cash donations are critical because they allow responding organizations like Good360 to provide exactly what support is needed in a timely fashion.  Contact Jim Alvey for more information on how you can donate.

Good News

Thank You To Our Supporters

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