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Good360 is pleased to partner with national retailers to improve the lives of people in need in communities around the country. We welcome all unmatched stores to nominate a charity from your community that you would like to partner with through the Good360 Retail Donation Partnership Program.

Please verify that your charity meets the participation guidelines below prior to nomination:

1. Use the products for its charitable purpose and not sell, trade, barter, or auction any of the goods donated. Donated products cannot be used as door prizes, raffles, party favors for the general public, nor sold at flea markets, swap meets, auctions, or in resale and/or in thrift stores.

2. The charity must be able to pickup all donations within two business days of being notified that items are available.

3. The charity must serve the “ill, needy or youth,” as defined by the IRS.

*Please note that all charities must be screened and vetted by Good360 before they can participate in the program.

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