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Clean Homes for Those In Need!





Community Action Network, Inc. (CAN, Inc.) was established in 2005 to promote rural development by producing and maintaining affordable housing and increasing the skill and employability of participants. This is done through hands-on training in rural west and middle Tennessee. Many people in our community are negatively affected by not having safe, affordable, quality housing resulting in homelessness, substandard housing, and poor health due to the living conditions that they have been forced to live in. CAN, Inc. provides housing and housing services to give a hand up to our community. CAN, Inc. offers services including a homeownership program, home rehab/repair program, rental homes, and housing counseling.

Through the Grainger donation, received through Good360, CAN, Inc. has served over 25 families in our community and will be able to serve at least 25 more families this upcoming year. The donation has been used to assist CAN’s self-help program as well as our homeless rental program. The Grainger products have been given to the program participants to clean the homes that they are moving into as well as to clean and maintain some existing homes. CAN, Inc. serves homeless families, specifically targeting veterans and low-to-moderate-income working families. Families were able to move into homes that were not only safe and secure, but clean as well. Many of our participants have little to no income and without this donation, they would not be able to clean and maintain their home.

One of our community members, a widow of a Vietnam veteran, was in dire need of improvements to her home. Because of the donation from Grainger, CAN, Inc. was able to use the cleaning supplies to clean her home and provide support for her to maintain it. Thank you to Good360 and Grainger for all your help!


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