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Christmas Comes Early Thanks to Mattel





Emergency Infant Services (EIS) is a Tulsa, Oklahoma-based nonprofit organization meeting the basic human needs of infants and children under six years old whose families are in financial crisis. These needs may include formula, milk, food, diapers, clothing and furniture. Our organization provides support for over 17,000 infants and toddlers annually.

When families come into EIS without the funds for basic needs like diapers, formula, and clothing we know providing a birthday or Christmas present for their child would be impossible. When a family comes to us in crisis near a special occasion for their family, we feel it’s important to not only make sure their children are fed and diapered, but also make sure they feel the compassion of our volunteers and the happiness that comes from celebrating a holiday.  We want to make sure that each child receives a brand new toy for their birthday or holiday.

Lacking access to the basic needs is not only hard for the obvious health reasons like malnourishment and infections, but it also takes a mental toll on the families. When we can give a new toy like a Barbie to our families, we get to see the child’s face light up with joy and the parent’s face fill with excitement for their child. The families are so appreciative to have a toy that matches how special and deserving their children are, and the children are thrilled to have a popular, new item that makes them feel like everybody else.

Sisters Tania’Lee and Aamyiah were so excited to receive their brand new Barbies that they didn’t even wait until they got to their car to open the boxes. They opened the box and started to play with the new toys as their mom gathered up their diapers and food in the lobby. Their mom said that the girls were quiet now because they were shy, but as soon as they got home, they would start dressing their Barbies up and making up stories about them. This is all thanks to you, Good360 and Mattel. We are so thankful for your generosity.

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