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Good360 President & CEO Search

Good360 is a leading nonprofit whose focus is to make the business of donating products simpler and more efficient. Last year we distributed over $300,000,000 of goods ($8 billion to date). Our donor partners are major corporations and brands (Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, Anne Inc, HP, GAP, Home Depot, Costco etc) who allow us to make a wide variety of excess, surplus, seasonal good available to 35,000 member non-profits. We do all this in a way the is effective, technologically driven and efficient and are a Forbes Top 10 “Most Efficient Charity”.

We have big plans and are looking for the right leader to take the reigns and work with us to grow our giving platform that enables corporations and non profits to ‘Do Good Better’.

Read below and reach out to us if this sounds like you!

Good360 President & CEO Overview

Reporting to Good360’s Board of Directors, the President and CEO is responsible for leading a staff of 30 through the Leadership Team, which includes the Chief External Affairs Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Vice President for Business Development.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

The President & CEO provides strategic oversight and has overall responsibility for managing Good360 on a daily basis. The CEO is also expected to create and implement policies and programs which fulfill the organization’s mission and long-term vision and goals. The CEO will be intricately involved in the following areas:

Strategic Leadership

  • Work with the Board to provide vision and organizational direction to staff, volunteers, and outside audiences, including potential funders, the media, product donor organizations, and community leaders.
  • Together with the Leadership Team, formulate annual policies, goals, and objectives with the Board.
  • Staff the Board’s Executive, Nominating, Marketing and Communications, and Strategic Planning and Policy Committees and be available to any Board Committee for specific assistance/information.
  • Work with outside legal counsel to ensure the organization’s legal compliance.
  • Lead the staff in achieving the mission and program goals.


  • In conjunction with the Leadership Team, identify the strategic programs to be funded and attendant goals to be accomplished.
  • Play a leading and “hands-on” role in approaching potential funders for these programs.
  • Nurture and develop existing funder relationships and expand funder relationships through foundations, major gifts, corporate sponsorships, and on-line giving programs such as Operation Charity Rescue.

Representation and Communications

  • Define the organization’s goals and services to various constituencies, including the Board of Directors, staff, registered charities, volunteers, donors, other nonprofit organizations, relevant government agencies, inquiring public, and the media.
  • Oversee the creation of the organization’s annual report, press releases, media events, and special literature in cooperation with the Communications Department and appropriate board committees and staff.
  • Represent Good360 with all major external groups.
  • Serve as the voice of Good360 to the media and others.
  • Work with the Chief External Affairs Officer and public relations to direct the services of Good360’s external public relations/marketing firm.

Donor Development

  • Generate in-kind and financial contributions from companies as outlined in the Marketing Plan.
  • Serve as the lead principal together with the Chief External Affairs Officer as the key liaison with the business sector.
  • Develop strategic giving programs that enable companies worldwide to give on an ongoing basis.
  • Direct strategic research to determine competitive future directions, program improvements, and other information needs related to programs.
  • Personally visit major current and potential donors.


  • Increase nonprofit involvement worldwide in terms of registration, Good360 affiliate development, and product requests.
  • Through the Charity Advisory Board, expand the organization’s charity database.

Human Resources

  • Support the Human Resources function by working with the Leadership Team to develop staff and organizational structure.
  • Evaluate existing Human Resources programs with the Board.
  • Develop new programs with appropriate committees for the Board’s review.
  • Oversee all HR functions, including recruitment, salary and benefits administration, employee relations, employee development, and office administration.
  • Establish high-level organizational values and a culture of trust.

Information Management

  • Assist in the development of the long-term IT strategy for Good360.
  • Seek new, improved and effective IT solutions.


  • In cooperation with the Chief Financial Officer, oversee the finance function to ensure the accurate reflection of revenues and expenses; take corrective action when necessary.

Logistics and Customer Relations

  • In cooperation with the Executive Vice President for Business Development, oversee the logistics function to ensure that cost and efficiency goals are met and that the highest quality of service is provided to registered charities.
  • Review top-level logistics reports to ensure rapid movement of goods so as to maximize administrative fee recovery.
  • Manage the security function, including product distribution review, information security, and personal security.
  • Direct the customer service and transaction processing unit to enable an effective, timely transfer of nonprofit requests to request fulfillment.
  • Undertake the administration of the organization to ensure that operations are secure and effective.

Requisite Background & Experience | Desirable Qualities & Characteristics

Qualified candidates for the position will be seasoned professionals with deep experience in management, strategic vision, and external relations. At a minimum, candidates should have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in finance, management, or a related field; advanced degree a plus.
  • A minimum of 20 years of professional experience in a related field, progressing to a senior executive level.
  • Experience building and sustaining relationships.
  • High-level communications skills and experience making presentations to the public.
  • Experience working with a governing board, including the ability to motivate volunteer board members.
  • Experience working with a governing board to development and implement strategy and vision.
  • Experience managing, mentoring, and motivating staff.
  • A demonstrated track record of success in fundraising, with an emphasis on major gifts, including high output fundraising development and implementation experience.
  • Proven organizational management skills, including a basic knowledge of all functions to be overseen.
  • Outstanding financial planning ability and experience.
  • A charismatic, inspiring, and empowering leadership style.

Compensation & Availability

Good360 will offer a competitive compensation package to attract the right candidate. The organization offers stimulating work and professional development opportunities, encouraging all Good360 team members to generate innovative ideas to further the goals of the organization. Good360 also provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. Good360’s underlying philosophy is “What we do, we do best.”

Good360 annual operating budget is less than $10 millions dollars and the organization is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, and the headquarters staff includes 30 dedicated professionals, led by a five-member Leadership Team ( Good360 is seeking an individual with the vision and experience to continue the organization’s outstanding history of giving. For more information please visit

To Apply:

To apply, please send a cover letter and current résumé and or link to Linkedin Profile to well-crafted cover note outlining how your background and experience relate to the position is considered an important part of the candidate review process.

Good360 Overview

Good360, based in Old Town Alexandria, VA, is an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works with companies, charities, and individuals to make the business of donating products  simpler, more efficient, and more effective. Since its founding in 1983 as Gifts In Kind International, Good360 has distributed more than $8 billion worth of products to a network of approximately 40,000, pre-vetted community charities, helping more than 13 million people in need each year. Good360 helps companies to donate slow-moving, obsolete, and seasonal inventory to charitable organizations. Today, Good360 is changing the face of philanthropy by creating a Circle of Good that allows companies, nonprofits and individuals to work together to do more social good. The organization is accomplishing this through new technology such as its Giving Place platform and the launch of its Disaster Recovery360 platform.

In 2014, Good360 touched the lives of a million people in need and distributed $300 million in critical goods. Good360 takes great pride in that operating expenses are consistently less than 1% of annual donation value ─ 99% of all donations directly benefit people and communities in need.

Good360 is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to equal opportunity and diversity in the workplace.

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