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Why Your Nonprofit Needs Great Storytelling and How to Do It Right

Storytelling is as old as the human race.

We’ve been telling stories since we were hunting mastodons and saber-tooth tigers. Ancient cave drawings depict our ancestral battles for survival — and our tendency to make sense of the world through stories.

From our earliest beginnings, humans have been hardwired to respond to information conveyed in narrative form. When we hear a story, our memories and senses are engaged, which stirs emotions. And when you can elicit an emotional response from your audience, you’re more likely to inspire action.

That’s exactly what we want to do in marketing our nonprofits and charitable causes: We want to inspire action. We want to inspire supporters to give of their time, money, and word of mouth.

Storytelling is how you express your organization’s mission, vision and values. In short, stories carve the quickest path to our hearts.

Learn some tips and discuss why every nonprofit needs to know how to tell a better story about their organization and their cause. Phat Chiem, Good360’s content strategist and co-founder of StoryCraft, a brand storytelling agency, gives you insights into:

  • Why storytelling is so critical to marketing the modern nonprofit
  • Crafting an authentic brand story that attracts passionate supporters, volunteers, and fundraising dollars
  • Actionable frameworks to help you break down and build your brand story
  • Which kinds of stories to tell and how to tell them
  • Real examples of transformative nonprofit storytelling
  • How to tell better stories on your website & social media channels
  • Questions and answers from webinar participants


Watch our Why Your Nonprofit Needs Great Storytelling and How to Do It Right Webinar here: https://good360.org/how-to-tell-your-nonprofits-story/


Learn more on how to brand your organization and provide a clear story here: http://bit.ly/2DLGMcv

Phat Chiem

Phat Chiem is the co-founder of StoryCraft, a brand storytelling and content marketing agency based in Santa Monica, Calif. Previously, he was a senior editor for Yahoo and a staff writer for the Chicago Tribune. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine’s Graziadio School of Business and Management.

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