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Product Donations: What Top Brands Give to Good360


As the leader in product philanthropy, Good360 has worked with many of the world’s leading brands over the years. In fact, we’ve formed partnerships with 40 percent of the Fortune 500, including some of the most generous companies in America.

Through these relationships, we’ve been able to procure more than $9 billion in critically needed goods that have helped millions of people around the world since 1983. Last year alone, our network of more than 57,000 nonprofits saved hundreds of millions of dollars by obtaining products through our platform rather than buying them on their own at retail.

In many cases, these donations free up money that might have otherwise gone to administrative or overhead expenses, allowing more funding to stay with programs that directly serve local communities.

If you’re not already one of our partnering nonprofits, please register here. Once registered, you can browse our marketplace to find products needed by your community.

What companies are donating to Good360

The vast majority of our donations are new and unused items, ensuring that you are receiving high-quality products to use in your programs.

These products come from brands that you already know and love. They include furniture from Pottery Barn and RH (Restoration Hardware), housewares from Bed Bath & Beyond, building supplies from Home Depot, mattresses from Tempur-Sealy, and toys from Hasbro.

The chart below shows what some our top corporate partners are donating, and the impact that these product donations have made throughout the country.

Qualifying nonprofits can obtain these donations in several ways:

  • Through our online catalog, where you can find products in various categories.
  • Through our local donation program, which matches nonprofit organizations with local stores. Some offer one-time pickups, while others allow for annual subscriptions.
  • Through our Truckload Program, which allow nonprofits to receive semi-truckloads of product sent directly from our corporate partners. For more information on this program, please watch this online webinar.

Why companies donate to Good360

One of our core missions is to promote more purposeful philanthropic giving. By partnering with us, companies gain access to our network of pre-qualified, fully vetted nonprofits. We make it easy for corporations to match their donations with organizations who can best use their products, reducing unwanted donations and waste.

“Working with Good360 enables Bed Bath & Beyond to send anyone who requests product donations to Good360,” says Derek Dervish, vice president of asset management at Bed Bath & Beyond, a longtime Good360 corporate partner. “We feel that vetting these charitable organizations isn’t our expertise: making sure that all the needed information is collected, validating their 501C3 status, and educating the charity base on the program. Good360 knows what the goal of the product donations are and it’s a really efficient way for us to engage in product philanthropy.”

The housewares company has been at the forefront of product donations for nearly 20 years, and was a founding partner of the Good360 Retail Donation Partnership program.

“We don’t do it for the cost savings. We do it because it’s the right thing to do,” Dervish adds. “Our product donation program saves the merchandise from being sent to a landfill, while helping our communities at the same time. At Bed Bath & Beyond, we want to be known as your local neighborhood store, so this is one way that we can help our local neighborhoods.”

Richard Barney
Richard Barney

Richard Barney, Good360’s EVP of Partnerships, is responsible for working closely with corporate partners to create programs that help them do good, better. Richard brings years of business-to-business sales and leadership experience to the nonprofit world and is tasked with ensuring that corporate partners realize a strong ROI from their partnership with Good360.

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