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Walmart Provides Funds to Tennessee Wildfire Relief


Walmart and the Walmart Foundation recently made a commitment to provide $250,000 to Tennessee wildfire relief, according to Yahoo. The funds will go towards relief efforts for those individuals who were affected by the massive wildfires that struck Sevier County last December. The fires claimed the lives of 14 individuals, injured well over 100 and burned down over 1,600 structures. The funds will specifically be used to support coordination efforts between government organizations and elected officials as they work to provide support to those who were hit hardest by the wildfires.

Lee Siler, Walmart’s Senior Manager for Global Disaster Response and Preparedness noted that Walmart, after the initial notification about the fires, has been committed “to the wildfire relief efforts, donating water and sheltering supplies and we will continue to work with local organizations in offering them our full support.” Walmart’s localized support of the Tennessee wildfire relief efforts is just one example of the company’s longstanding commitment towards disaster relief. The company has helped communities throughout the country prepare and recover from disasters by donating critical supplies, such as personal products, home goods, and food and water. Over the last ten years, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation have donation $56 million in in-kind donations and cash to various disaster relief efforts.

Corporate disaster relief efforts like Walmart’s Tennessee wildfire relief efforts not only help to improve the lives of those in need, but these efforts also make sound business sense, as well. When companies work to provide relief to disaster victims, these organizations showcase to their customers that they care about more than the bottom line. Consumers often take note, and respond in kind, whenever companies work hard to help those in need.

Walmart isn’t the only company that believes in the importance of disaster relief. Read more about Wells Fargo’s disaster relief efforts here. If you’re ready to make a difference and help those in need recover long-term from disasters like the Tennessee wildfire, learn how DisasterRecovery can connect you to non-profits working on the ground around the clock to help victims. Our innovative digital platform connects you to non-profits with specific lists of the needed products that can help disaster relief victims today.


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