Tempur Pedic Donations Plant in Phoenix, AZ wins the Good360 Circle of Good Award  - Good360

Tempur Pedic Donations Plant in Phoenix, AZ wins the Good360 Circle of Good Award 

Tempur Pedic, one of Good360’s premiere donors, sent high quality mattresses to eligible nonprofits across the country. The Tempur Pedic Distribution Center in Phoenix, AZ sends luxury mattresses by the truckload, helping those in need. This act of generosity won them the 2018 Circle of Good Award for Outstanding Donor. Since January 2018, Jesse Gamboa, Jesse Sanchez and their team at the plant in Phoenix have directly supported 13 organizations across the U.S. donating over 1700 mattresses for families impacted by disasters.

 A great example of how these mattresses benefit those in need, is the story of Michelle White the Program Director at Westcare in San Diego. Running a nonprofit and serving adults struggling with addiction, mental illness, sexual assault or homelessness, beds are a big-time necessity.  “We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the Tempur Pedic beds,” says Michelle.  “The clients at our residential re-entry facility are getting a great night’s sleep because of your organization. I wish you could have seen the expressions on their faces when the beds were delivered.  They were so excited! One of our clients made the comment, “I’ve never slept on a bed this comfortable before.”   We appreciate all the hard work and dedication that went into building and shipping the beds.

Thank you for having such a positive impact on our program.” The Provision Group based out of Tulsa, OK, is a nonprofit that supports victims of disaster. Terry Henshaw distributed a truckload of mattresses to families throughout Texas who lost everything after Hurricane Harvey. Meet Carol,  She is a 62 year old single woman with no children. She lives in the Dickinson area, her house was completely flooded she has been sleeping on a cot for a while recently got an old twin bed which to be honest with you, its was very old and  disgusting. But we were able to set up railings and put her mattress on her bed she is an amazing woman of God and she was super excited, she was crying. 



Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

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