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Report Finds That People Are Still Throwing Away Most of Their Clothing


When it comes to waste and recycling, not all products are created equal. A strong concentration on plastic waste and carbon emissions has led to many people changing their daily habits. Average families are recycling more, participating in ride sharing, and using reusable bags more often to cut down their carbon footprint. But clothing – one of the greatest contributors to landfill waste – is still produced and purchased in great volume and then thrown in the trash. The second annual State of Reuse Report showed that the linear model of consumption is still dominant in the clothing industry. While many concerned citizens try to recycle plastics and save water, little is being done to cut down on textile waste.

Not every piece of information in the report is bad news – nearly one-third Americans claim to have donated more of their clothes in 2016 than in 2015. Unfortunately, more than 50% of Americans continue to deposit their used clothing and household products into the garbage without attempting to donate or recycle them. This tendency has caused more than 26 billion pounds of clothing waste to find its way into landfills each year. The report analyzed reasons why people tend to recycle certain products more than others, in an attempt to find out why such little clothing is introduced back into the circular economy.

“Twenty years ago, recycling paper was a novel idea,” noted Vice President of Reuse and Recycling at Savers Tony Shumpert. “Today, it is second nature for most people. Now, we are trying to get more people to reuse and recycle their clothing. This is a big behavior change, and to make it stick, we need to understand what motivates them to take action.” The report found that showing the impact of donating clothing in the local community is an important part of motivating the average person to make more of an effort to recycle clothes.

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