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Nonprofits to Support this GivingTuesday

Next week, December 3rd, is #GivingTuesday – a day dedicated to the spirit of generosity that comes with the holidays. To celebrate, we have gathered vetted nonprofits who are looking for support to achieve their organization’s mission and goals.

Each nonprofit below is a 501(c)(3) organization that is registered with the IRS, has submitted financial documentation that demonstrates how their programs are funded, and has had their mission and how they achieve it reviewed by the Good360 team.

Angels Net Foundation Inc

West Boylston, MA

Mission: Empowering immigrants and refugees to successfully adjust to their new culture in the Greater Worcester area through education, program, and partnerships.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: Help raise $10,000 to provide STEM programs for immigrants and refugee children, youth in the Greater Worcester Community area. This campaign will help 50 students obtain skills in IT and be career-ready, the young ones will develop, embrace and increase knowledge on future goals in IT.

Donate here:


Stone Mountain, GA

Mission: Business Owner Who Care About Their Neighbor. Our causes include projects to help the homeless, single parents, elderly, and veterans. BusiNeighbor Inc. partners with a host of local  businesses and organizations foster relationships that are compassionate for our fellow neighbor.
Compassion is an essential part of every community. Serving people today for a better tomorrow! BusiNeighbor, Inc. seeks to be a lifeline for people in need.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: Help re-open BusiNeighbor’s Veterans Recreation Center. Tragically, a flood caused major damage to their facility forcing their doors to close after two years. This center will create a safe community space proving a sense of purpose for local veterans. BusiNeighbor is committed to veteran mental health with their approach to reduce feelings of alienation through recreational therapy. Recreation provides astonishing health benefits: decrease stress hormones, lowers risk of suicide and improves overall physical health.

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Changing Lane’s Foundation, Inc.

Lawrencevill, GA

Mission: Our Nonprofit Organization provides a dynamic work environment where we serve the Cancer patients, survivors & families in the community by assisting them through the tumultuous layers of paperwork required when seeking financial resources, health/wellness opportunities, utility assistance, while our hospitality department prepare home-cooked meals during treatment for families, groceries from our food pantry delivered by our youth intern volunteers for clients too sick and unable to work, limited or no resources in addition to assisting them with processing required documents to various agencies/charities

Why give this #GivingTuesday: Support Breast Cancer patients and survivors, as they continue forging ahead Changing Lanes while changing lives in the battle for a cure, resources, options, and opportunities from diagnosis to recovery. Every dollar counts and makes huge changes in the lives of families in recovery and beyond.

Donate here:

Fetching Tails Foundation

Wood Date, IL

Mission: Fetching Tails Foundation is a 501c3 Illinois based non-breed specific rescue committed to saving dogs regardless of breed, age, and physical ability.  Our foundation is committed to lowering euthanasia rates by rescuing adoptable dogs from high kill shelters and other animal intake facilities and placing them in approved adopted homes.  We are dedicated to helping our community through educational programs and combined efforts for spay & neuter clinics.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: Help support medical expenses this Giving Tuesday. On average we spend $20K monthly on dogs we intake from shelters. Our goal is to raise $20K to take care of one month medical.

Donate here:

First Capital Neighborhood Solutions Foundation

Guthrie, OK

Mission: Provide resources to strengthen, develop, and improve the homes of low income seniors and families in Logan County Oklahoma.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: Help us build wheelchair ramps and convert bathrooms to be ADA compliance for the low income seniors and families in Logan County Oklahoma.

Hunter’s Helping Hands

Mantua, OH

Mission: Hunter’s Helping Hands is a non-profit organization with the mission of assisting families and neonatal patients during their treatment in the hospital. We offer supplies necessary to calm the tiny patients and gifts to help ease the emotional and monetary strain on the families. Each Family is provided with a gift bag with essential items.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: This year we will be holding a Thankful Campaign! We are asking for our family, friends and donors to post a picture to our website of what they are thankful for!

Donate here:

Loving Hands for the Needy, Inc

Boynton Beach, FL

Mission: Our mission is dedicated to providing a stable, loving, consistent and nurturing home for at risk youth children and families here and abroad. Our long-term goal is to help young children and families fight against youthful delinquency, prevent them from drugs and alcohol abuse, offering these neglected young children and families the confidential and compassionate support they need to be positive young children among us with the Help of Service learning programs like: Mentor’s Program, Health Education, Life skills Training, Sanitation Education, Christian education, refugee resettlement, hunger and poverty programs.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: We are campaigning for Giving Tuesday in order to build an orphanage for 25 children fatherless in Haiti that are living on the streets every day, they need our help to make it through. Their Education, their Life and their conditions can change if we stick together to do better.

Donate here:

Otsego-Antrim Habitat for Humanity

Gaylord, MI

Mission: Otsego-Antrim Habitat for Humanity puts God’s love into action by bringing people together to build homes, community and hope.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: This Giving Tuesday consider helping Otsego and Antrim County residents through a donation to Otsego – Antrim Habitat for Humanity. We are experiencing many requests from low-to-moderate income households seeking assistance for repairs to furnaces, septic systems, wells, leaking roofs and foundations. Through a financial gift you can partner with Habitat to help those needing critical repairs realize peace of mind by eliminating further damage to their homes from animals and elements. Your donation provides necessary repairs that provides a healthier, safer environment. In addition, most repairs help homeowners see lower utility bills.

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Passion 2 Pay Project LLC P3

Elgin, SC

Mission: Our mission is to help prepare elementary and middle school students with real life tools to prepare them for college and/or entrepreneurship by building their gifts and talents through our after school and summer programing.  Every student has a chance to succeed by accessing our workshops, homework assistance, tutoring, reading readiness, S.T.E.M. activities while integrating entrepreneurial skill sets which includes complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity into the activities.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: “Dreams Really Do Come True” Business owners of all ages will be featured live on Facebook telling how they turned their passion into a business and the skills that were instilled into them at an early age got them to where they are now.

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Small Treasures Daycare and Learning Center

Griffin, CA

Mission: Small Treasures DCLC is a nonprofit organization that assist low income families and single parents with children that are failing in school to become self-sufficient families and children to enhance their learning skills to excel above and beyond expectations.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: This Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to help assist families in need of energy efficiency, shelter and transportation.

Tapestri, Inc.

Tucker, GA

Mission: Tapestri is dedicated to ending violence and oppression in immigrant and refugee communities using culturally competent and linguistically appropriate methods. As advocates for immigrants and refugees affected by domestic violence, sexual assault, and exploitation, Tapestri uses education, community organizing, direct services, and advocacy to improve the lives of those it serves.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: This Giving Tuesday we are raising funds to support survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking to begin safe new chapter in their lives. Survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking experience horrific abuse, many of them once rescued come to us with only clothes on their back. We support them through their journey from crisis to stability. 

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Uhuru Football Academy

Avondale, AZ

Mission: Uhuru is a 501C3 International education and sports organization dedicated to fostering education programs that link organization resources to local, national, and international communities. We aim to collaborate efforts to alleviate illiteracy, health, and hunger, extending our compassionate care to youths in the United States and Africa. We do this by installing values, morals and improving the quality of life to disadvantaged children through education and sports.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: This Giving Tuesday we are raising funds for tuition, school supplies, after school activities and most of all fight literacy in inner cities and provide a safe place for kids to be kids.

Donate here:

Visions Revealed Inc.

Maple Heights, OH

Mission: Visions Revealed Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) which has a mission to reduce recidivism by empowering at-risk youth and adults with the ability to set goals and create a plan of action to accomplish them.

Why give this #GivingTuesday: Each year we host annual drives that equip lower income communities with resources such as food, clothes, shoes, and toys during the holiday. Please donate in-kind items and/or funds that we can use to better serve these communities.

Donate here:

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Shari Rudolph

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