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National Retailer Clothes Allow for Inclusive Fitness Options

  • Fitnessability Inc
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Lives Impacted: 30

Joscelynn Ann Baio is determined to preserve her sister’s legacy. Her sister, Rachel was born with spina bifida and would have lived life in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, Rachel passed away early. Rachel’s time on Earth was enough to give her sister a purpose. Joscelynn was determined to provide fitness opportunities to everyone regardless of their physical ability.

She became a certified adaptive Fitness Trainer and a Group Certified fitness instructor. At first, Joscelynn started teaching inclusive fitness classes at her church in Buffalo, NY. Soon it became clear that she was on to something and had to find a bigger space to accommodate the demand.

That’s when SowFit Buffalo and the subsidiary Fitnessablity Inc. were born. SowFit hosts 33 classes a month including Zumba, kickboxing, Pilates and hula hoop for people (including children) of all abilities.

“There’s no man or woman left behind in our community,” Joscelynn said. “Everyone deserves access to the same fitness opportunities.” However, due to limited financial resources, a large percent of her clientele cannot afford basic items let alone workout clothing (considered a luxury).

Always resourceful and not one to back down from a challenge, Joscelynn turned to the Internet for a solution. She came across Good360 and it was a match made in heaven. Thanks to a clothing donation from a national retailer, participants were able to get their own brand-new shorts to move in.

“Street clothes are not comfortable to work out in,” she said. “Sometimes participants do not have a choice if they just have jeans and a polo shirt to exercise in. That causes another barrier, and we are here to eliminate obstacles. Thanks to Good360, we were able to solve this issue and provide everyone with a great and comfortable workout.”

Any nonprofits interested in physical activity supplies and product donations should visit the Good360 catalog.

Shari Rudolph

Shari Rudolph is Chief Marketing Officer of Good360 and is an accomplished retail, digital commerce and media executive with a strong track record of building audience, revenue and brands. Shari’s previous experience includes management consulting as well as various executive and leadership roles at both start-ups and large media and retail e-commerce companies in Southern California, New York and Silicon Valley. She is also an adjunct professor teaching classes in marketing, advertising and entrepreneurial studies and she earned her MBA from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.