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Good360 and MLB Team Up to Donate Unused World Series Merchandise

With the Nationals just nine outs away from losing Game 7 of the World Series, it looked like the Houston Astros were on their way to winning another championship and denying the Nats their first crown.

But the Nationals managed to pull off a thrilling comeback and clinch the title before a stunned hometown crowd in Houston. These unpredictable outcomes are the reason Major League Baseball makes sure to produce championship gear for both teams and have it ready for players and coaches to don seconds after winning the World Series on live TV.


Of course, the losing team’s’ “World Series champs” apparel never gets distributed and is only seen by a few people. This is where Good360 steps in and ensures that the unused souvenirs are sent to international communities in need rather than going to waste.

In 2017, MLB formally partnered with Good360 to collect and distribute unused merchandise from the World Series to communities outside of the United States. By partnering with our organization, they can be assured that the thousands of hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts produced for the losing teams are properly donated.

“Major League Baseball came to us because we have a decades-long record of distributing donated product both effectively and efficiently,” said Good360 CEO Matt Connelly. “We take compliance very seriously, which is a big reason why brands like MLB trust us to handle their donations. We’re also delighted to be able to help global communities in need that may not follow the World Series, but they certainly know the value of high-quality clothes.”

The World Series donation highlights how companies can come up with creative solutions to act more sustainably while also bringing needed products to families that can put them to good use. At Good360, we see product philanthropy as integral to a company’s corporate social responsibility strategy, helping to drive the triple bottom line (people, planet and profits).

By the end of November, the Astros’ “championship” merchandise will be collected and sent to a central location. From there, it will be sorted and shipped to several countries in Asia and Eastern Europe and distributed in collaboration with our nonprofit partners that have close ties to local communities. As with every international donation that we facilitate, we take care not to harm the local economies with an influx of goods imported from abroad.

If you are representing a company with high-quality merchandise or products that can’t be sold or otherwise given away, we would love to work with you to determine how those items can help others in need. Learn more here:

Shari Rudolph
Shari Rudolph

Shari Rudolph is Chief Marketing Officer of Good360 and is an accomplished retail, digital commerce and media executive with a strong track record of building audience, revenue and brands. Shari’s previous experience includes management consulting as well as various executive and leadership roles at both start-ups and large media and retail e-commerce companies in Southern California, New York and Silicon Valley. She is also an adjunct professor teaching classes in marketing, advertising and entrepreneurial studies and she earned her MBA from The Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA.

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