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Foster and at-risk youth face many issues and hardships that they should not have to. Their lives are far from normal and this can be extremely hard on them, especially around special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. Birthday Blessings is an organization that provides birthday party supplies and a duffle bag loaded with gifts to foster and at-risk children in the West Plains, MO area. These birthday bags make each child feel special and create memories they won’t ever forget. This year, we expect to serve about 220 kids with birthday bags and about 400 kids with Christmas gift bags.

Many children we serve have few or no possessions, and sports equipment is a top request. The Nike footballs and basketballs we received were a hit among the kids. We put a ball and pump in a birthday bag for each child or teen that requested one. It is so rare to find quality sports equipment like that on sale here. This donation really helped us stretch our funds!

In our community, this increases positivity and helps with the emotional and physical well-being of the kids we serve. Caseworkers that distributed the gifts reported that the birthday bags gave the children a self-esteem boost and a feeling of being valued by someone. Additionally, the footballs and basketballs will promote physical fitness for youth in our community. Overall, this donation had a huge positive impact on the kids who received them. Thank you so much for your support!


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