Jason MacFarlane - Good360

Jason MacFarlane

Senior Vice President of Operations

Jason had an extensive career in retail leadership prior to joining Good360, with experience in both domestic and foreign markets. While overseeing Sales, Service, Operations, and other functions, serving the people who comprised his teams was always his passion and priority. Jason brings this same passion to his teams at Good360: Nonprofit Strategy, Donation Intake & Placement, eCommerce, Fulfillment, and Logistics.

Leading Operations, Jason brings his love of serving others to our extensive network of nonprofit partners. Integrating nonprofit, donation, and operational functions, his teams are able to be more strategic in the flow of donations within the network and ensure Good360’s partners are able to serve their missions and help close the need gap, bringing opportunity to all.

Jason holds degrees in Sociology and Philosophy from Rice University, and prior to university attended school in the UK, providing a wide range of international experiences. He currently resides in Northern Virginia with his wife and two children.