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Matthew Connelly

Co-Chairman of the Board

Matt Connelly has worked in the transportation and supply chain industry for 25-plus years and currently oversees UPS’s international transportation and network operations. Matt has responsibility for UPS’s international network performance (air, ocean and surface) and the shared services groups within transportation that include global procurement, network solutions and design.

Matt was born and raised in Boston and attended Northeastern University where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. Upon graduation he began his UPS career as a package driver in Cambridge. Matt progressed through a series of operations and engineering roles within UPS, including assignments in Florida, Chicago and UPS Supply Chain Solutions. Matt played a significant role with UPS’s expansion into global markets, forwarding and contract logistic services.

In addition to his responsibilities for UPS Network Operations, Matt also serves on the UPS Humanitarian Relief Program Steering Committee and oversees UPS’s humanitarian relief transportation solutions for The UPS Foundation. Matt also represents UPS on the American Red Cross’s Corporate Advisory Council.

Matt lives in Atlanta with his wife Cathy, of eighteen years, and two sons Joe (16) and Jack (13).

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