Mikel Durham

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mikel Durham is Global Growth Officer for PepsiCo Foodservice. Foodservice is a term used by PepsiCo to describe out of home consumption, and includes restaurants, workplace, recreation, vending, and travel channels amongst others. In her role, she leads strategy, marketing, and food, beverage and equipment innovation, across these channels, incorporating the full range of PepsiCo’s food and beverage brands. She assumed her responsibilities in Foodservice in October 2009, adding to her responsibilities leading PepsiCo’s beverage incubation unit on the West coast, from which the Naked and IZZE beverage brands operate.

Mikel joined PepsiCo in January 2009 as VP/GM of Naked Juice and IZZE Beverages. She previously worked at PepsiCo in corporate strategy and leading company-owned restaurant operations in Europe from 1994-1998.

In addition to her varied experiences at PepsiCo, Mikel has a wealth of global expertise in restaurant operations, supply chain management, and general management in the food and-beverage sector. At Diageo, she ran the Venture markets division for Guinness (67 markets around the world) and served as President of Burger King in North America. At Burger King, she transformed brand strategy and national advertising, expanded focus on improved restaurant operations and halted same-store declines. Later, Mikel served as President of Global Supply Chain for Cadbury Schweppes’ global beverage and confectionary business, and was the company’s Chief Environmental Officer.

Mikel also held senior management roles at Bain & Company, and is a graduate of Smith College and Harvard Business School. Mikel first joined the Board of Good360 in 2009, inspired by the cause and the “effi ciency” impact of the organization, but also convinced that it was the biggest and most impactful charity never heard of. She has been a strong supporter of the strategic chances made over the last few years to create a more impactful communications strategy, to improve not-for-profit access and “matching need” capabilities by creating an online marketplace, and to build a better and more sustainable business model for Good360 to ensure it can continue to deliver on its mission.

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