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                         Coalition dedicated to building stronger communities through a necessary shift in disaster-giving NEW YORK, NY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 – Today, Global Citizen, Good360, and All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response announced Resilient Response, a coalition of nonprofits and corporations...

Initial programs will focus on Baton Rouge, LA and Houston, TX Alexandria, VA (Friday, February 9, 2017) – Good360, the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving, has partnered with All Hands and Hearts – Smart Response, a leader in delivering effective and efficient long-term disaster recovery support to impacted...

Nearly two years after Hurricane Harvey tore through Houston and southeast Texas, leaving an astounding $125 billion dollars in damage, many residents are still struggling to rebuild their homes, their businesses and their livelihoods.According to the Harvey Data Project, an effort spearheaded by the City of Houston to account for the full cost of the storm on the city’s housing, total residential damages from Harvey is estimated at $16 billion — of which $3.1 billion hadn’t yet been met by federal recovery programs 22 months after the hurricane.

While each year brings new challenges and new opportunities, Good360’s mission remains steadfast: We’re dedicated to transforming lives by providing hope, dignity, and a sense of renewed possibility to people affected by disasters or other challenging life circumstances. During our very busy 2018, we made good on that bedrock mission in numerous, impactful ways — to the tune of approximately $300 million in donated products distributed throughout the U.S. and around the world.

After Hurricane Harvey walloped much of Texas, home to some 12,000 of its employees and contractors, Dow’s response was swift and impactful. The company purchased 135 trailers for displaced employees to live in while their homes were being rebuilt. It also committed more than $2 million to support immediate relief, long-term recovery and other rebuilding efforts associated with the storm.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, Good360 responded with needed goods within 72 hours of the storm and we have been engaged in the region ever since.  We are a long-term resource providing needed goods to those impacted by Harvey and have partnered with more than 50 local and regional nonprofits in order to distribute those goods to survivors.
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