40th Anniversary - Good360

40 years is just the beginning.

In 1983, Good360 set out on a journey to distribute product donations to people in need. Since that time, we have proudly distributed more than $14 billion in goods to over 100 million people. That’s no small feat, and we could not have done it without our vast network of nonprofit members and corporate donors. Today, 85 employees at Good360 work tirelessly to make it all happen. Thank you, everyone.

Together, We Can Close the Need Gap

Hear from our nonprofit partners who have helped us grow during our 40-year history allowing us to distribute more than $14 billion in needed goods to communities in need. By working together, we have impacted more than 100 million lives over the last 40 years and helped thousands of nonprofits close the need gap in their own communities.

This impact could not happen without the generous support of our 400-plus corporate donors.

Join our network of over 100,000+ nonprofits who partner with us to source the goods their communities need to increase their impact by clicking here.

What about the next 40 years?

We envision a world where all usable goods are put to good use, ensuring that no one goes without. As we look ahead, we know there’s more to be done to open opportunity in a world where needs continue to grow. Even as production and consumption are at an all-time high, so too is our responsibility to address increasing disparities and environmental concerns. This motivates us to adapt and grow as we work to make sure no one goes without the essentials they need to thrive. Here’s how we’re growing:


Helping People

We seek to meet needs wherever they exist. That means we’re seeking to increase our impact, especially in locations where needs are greatest. We’re investing in our ability to meet and measure the urgent needs individuals face, regardless of the circumstance.


Helping the Planet

As we continue to provide a responsible solution to excess inventory challenges, we’re also getting smarter in how we distribute donations to make sure we divert goods from landfills, reduce our carbon footprint, and deliver relief faster.  


Helping Communities

With 100,000 nonprofits in our network, we will continue to grow until we’re represented in every community where needs exist, helping increase growth, resiliency, and hope on behalf of the organizations that serve their communities. 

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“We are so proud of the people and partners that have helped Good360 grow over the past 40 years, closing need gaps in the lives of more than one hundred million people. We are amazed at the transformational impact donations can have in communities, and we’re humbled by how those donations have transformed us. We’re already hard at work planning our impact for the next 40 years. Thank you for being part of who we are and part of where we’re going.”

Romaine Seguin

CEO, Good360

Our Impact

For the recipients, product donations are not just helpful, they’re transformational. From shoes to shingles and everything in between, these donations fill genuine, urgent needs, restore dignity, and show people someone cares.

Every day at Good360, we receive stories from nonprofits about the impact they drive in the world. These are just a few of them.

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Amazon Brings Joy and Hope to Georgia Residents

Through their partnership with Good360, Miracle Mission Hope House offers weekly events where those in need can access a food pantry that includes fresh produce and canned goods, along with a variety of household items.

Impact Story Image 003

L’Oréal Brings Beauty Home for Mother’s Day

Strength ‘N Me Community Project was born out of a desire to directly help more people in need. In May, residents were treated to a special Mother’s Day Brunch at Strength ‘N Me Community Project where they received gift baskets that included makeup brushes from L’Oréal.


Walmart Provides Fresh Start for Families in Need

True Beginnings has provided numerous essential items to individuals and families in need, largely thanks to generous donations from Walmart through their partnership with Good360.

Join our Circle of Good

Whether you are a nonprofit, a donor, or an individual, join us in helping to create a better, more equitable, and sustainable world for all!

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