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3M Tape Donation Helps In More Than One Way





Visiting Nurses Foundation in Centralia, WA strives to create funding for the education and assistance of home health and hospice patients and their families. This funding helps to cover the costs of equipment, programs, and care for patients who need it. The foundation raises these funds through several thrift stores throughout Washington.

The packaging tape that we received from 3M through Good360 was used to store boxes of clothing and other items. This helped us to keep our costs down so we are able to give back more to our communities. Using the money that we saved on packaging tape, we were able to purchase more medical equipment.

In one specific case, Visiting Nurses Foundation was able to provide some freedom and independence to a home health patient who was in need of a walker.  The patient had limited mobility and there was a lengthy wait for his insurance to process the request for a walker. Because of donations like the 3M packaging tape, we save money and can use those funds on medical equipment to help those in need instead.  This particular patient and his family were grateful that he was now able to do more things on his own and with others, including attending a local fair with his loved ones.     

Website: www.VisitingNursesFoundation.org


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