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Nonprofits live and die by their brand story. Unlike consumer companies with services and products to pitch, what you have to “sell” is your story. It’s what attracts your most passionate followers and gets them to buy into your mission and vision....

It has been almost a year since Hurricane Harvey drenched southeast Texas with over 20 trillion gallons of rain. While many communities and media outlets are preparing to commemorate the storm with events in late August, many individuals are still dealing with the immediate impact of the storm on their...

When a massive natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey hits, those in its path are left with three impossible options and no way to know which is best. They can shelter in place and hope the worst does not come to pass; travel to a local shelter and leave their home...

Covina Development Center is a fully inclusive preschool program located in Covina, California. The program serves low income families and children with disabilities that are not receiving the attention and goods that they need. ...

How does it feel when the good you do every day intersects with your personal life, your family and the community you were raised in? Gratifying. Rewarding. Proud. I’ve been a Program Manager at Good360 just shy of 8 months and I’m constantly and pleasantly surprised to learn all the ways...

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