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Toy Rescue Mission, in Tacoma, WA, refurbishes gently used toys and distributes them to disadvantaged children in our community. Our agency is open year-round, providing a unique service for local disadvantaged youth....

Triumph Treatment Services PCAP (Parent Child Advocate Program) provides assistance to women who are navigating through the world of recovery from addiction, domestic violence, and abuse....

Dedicated Believers Ministries is a Michigan-based nondenominational church that has been actively responding to the Flint Water crisis....

Fort Schuyler Presbyterian Church is a multicultural church in the Bronx, New York. Our focus is on helping our local community by providing outreach services to the homeless, needy, and less fortunate families in our area. Our doors are open to everyone....

When a disaster strikes, every second is crucial. It is essential for families to develop a plan in case of unexpected emergencies. September is National Preparedness Month. The goal is to plan ahead so your family is well prepared in the unfortunate circumstance that a disaster occurs....

Dedicated Believers Ministries is a multicultural and nondenominational nonprofit in Burton, MI dedicated to God, family, and community. Our goals are to improve the lives of community residents by ministering to their myriad needs to the best of our ability and for the Lord's glory....