Good360 transforms lives and strengthens communities by mobilizing companies to donate critically needed goods.




Good360 transforms lives and strengthens communities by mobilizing companies to donate critically needed goods.

Here’s How We Do It

Working with our partners, Good360 is able to: 

Help companies help charities.
Give a voice to nonprofits – large and small.
Provide real-time impact data and stories.
Keep usable goods out of landfills.
Make your money go further.

We Make an Impact by:

  • Serving our network of 40,000 pre-qualified charities,
  • Helping 100 million people annually,
  • Partnering with hundreds of companies, including 125 on the Fortune 500 list,
  • Distributing $300 million in critical goods each year — $8 billion since 1983 and
  • Getting results: Good360 won the 2014 Verizon Powerful Answers Award in the Sustainability Category and the 2012 Directors’ Award from the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy for its exemplary partnership with a corporation. We are also one of Forbes’ Top 10 Most Efficient Charities.

… And we do all of this while spending only 1% of our income on program services.


Click here to view our annual report. 

Why We Love STUFF

We help nonprofits get the stuff they need so they can spend more of every dollar on programs and services – in other words, helping more people and doing more good.

We make sure veterans have mattresses, babies have diapers, homeless families are clothed, and students have school supplies. It’s more than just stuff. It’s life-changing resources that improve lives and strengthen communities.

Why Stuff Matters

  • 4 million diapers to keep newborns and their parents healthy and safe,
  • 10,000 mattresses to people in need and disaster survivors,
  • 8,000 cartons of clothing, shoes and accessories to underprivileged families and
  • $300 million worth of critical goods delivered to communities around the world.

Like what you’re hearing? Here’s how you can help:


Help your employees help others.


Join our network for FREE.

Create your Wishlist of needs and crowdfund to support it.


Help us help others by donating to Good360.

Support a Wishlist.

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  • Carly Fiorina
    Carly FiorinaBoard Chair

    CEO, Carly Fiorina Enterprises
    Former CEO, HP

  • Mikel Durham
      Mikel DurhamVice Chair

      Senior Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, CSM Bakery Solutions
      Former Global Growth Officer, PepsiCo

    • Saul N. Ramirez, Jr.
        Saul N. Ramirez, Jr.Director

        CEO, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

      • Peter Resnick
          Peter ResnickDirector

          Partner, Disputes & Investigations Leader, Grant Thornton LLP’s Forensic and Valuation Services practice

        • Matthew Connelly
            Matthew ConnellyDirector

            Vice President, Network Operations Corporate Transportation, UPS

          • Mark White
              Mark WhiteDirector

              Vice President, Merchandising, The Home Depot

            • Bob Schwartz
              Bob SchwartzDirector

              CEO, 47B
              Former President, Magento
              Former GM / EVP (Founder), Nordstrom.com

            • Matthew Shay
                Matthew ShayDirector

                President & CEO, National Retail Federation

              OUR LEADERSHIP

              • Cindy Hallberlin
                Cindy HallberlinPresident and CEO
              • Melissa Lanning-Trumpower
                Melissa Lanning-TrumpowerChief Marketing Officer, Executive VP of Strategic Partnerships
              • Shabab Gruberg
                Shabab GrubergChief Information Officer

              • Michael Avis
                Michael AvisChief Financial Officer
              • Richard Barney
                Richard BarneyEVP of Business Development

              OUR STAFF

              • Corinne BombowskyCorinne Bombowsky
                  Corinne BombowskyNonprofit Development Specialist
                • Jason Boon
                    Jason BoonDirector of Logistics
                  • Abhinav ChopraAbhinav Chopra
                      Abhinav ChopraAssistant Controller
                    • Kathleen CoartneyKathleen Coartney
                        Kathleen CoartneyOperations & Production Manager
                      • Emily CocciaEmily Coccia
                          Emily CocciaDirector, Corporate Donation Programs, Philanthropy Engineer
                        • Lenore FreemanLenore Freeman
                            Lenore FreemanSenior Director, Nonprofit Relations
                          • Karen HarveyKaren Harvey
                              Karen HarveyBilling Specialist
                            • Lindsay JonesLindsay Jones
                                Lindsay JonesDirector, Nonprofit Relations
                              • George KusterGeorge Kuster
                                  George KusterNetSuite Administrator
                                • Jan McKenzieJan McKenzie
                                    Jan McKenzieManager, Community Engagement
                                  • Kristine McNerneyKristine McNerney
                                      Kristine McNerneyDirector of Online Marketing and Merchandising
                                    • Jose Antonio MedinaJose Antonio Medina
                                        Jose Antonio MedinaSystem Administrator
                                      • Corey M. PorterCorey M. Porter
                                          Corey M. PorterManager, Corporate Donation Programs
                                        • Justin RatteyJustin Rattey
                                            Justin RatteySpecial Events & Communications Assistant
                                          • David J. SmithDavid J. Smith
                                              David J. SmithNonprofit Program Specialist
                                            • Elissa TaylorElissa Taylor
                                                Elissa TaylorManager, Direct Donations and Partnerships
                                              • Ken WilliamsonKen Williamson
                                                  Ken WilliamsonDirector, Nonprofit Programs
                                                • Erin DillenbeckErin Dillenbeck
                                                    Erin DillenbeckDirector of Corporate Development
                                                  • Jonathon CannonJonathon Cannon
                                                      Jonathon CannonDirector of Corporate Development
                                                    • Betsy EngebretsonBetsy Engebretson
                                                        Betsy EngebretsonManager, Corporate Donation Programs


                                                      Our Fiscal Stewardship

                                                      More than 99 percent of funds are used for program services.

                                                      About Good360

                                                      Good360 is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan nonprofit that works with companies, charities and individuals to make the business of giving simpler, more efficient and more effective. The Alexandria, Virginia-based organization was created in 1983 to help companies donate inventory to charitable organizations. Today, Good360 is changing the face of philanthropy by creating a Circle of Good that allows companies, nonprofits and individuals to work together to do more social good together through product giving.

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